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Top Beard Trends

Growing a beard is not hard, but grooming it and maintaining it is rather tricky. In recent years growing a beard has become quite the trend, and there are a lot of products that are now available to make the task of maintaining a beard easier. Although several want to grow a beard, many get confused about which beard suits them the most according to their face type. We have compiled a list of top beard trends for 2022, which you can refer to when you choose to grow your beard.

The primary questions that you are faced with whilst deciding on a beard style are as follows:

  1. Would my beard growth be consistent?
  2. What style of beard would suit my face type?
  3. How do I maintain and groom the beard?

To answer the first question, one must allow the beard to grow to know the texture and the consistency. Once you have the answer to the first question, it is rather all about experimentation. There are a lot of beard styles that you could choose from. And the grooming of the beard varies upon the beard style you choose. To make your life easier, there are a lot of grooming products like beard oil, balm, beard comb, beard brush, etc, available today. Also, in today’s date, it is easy to book an online men’s salon specialist to groom your beard properly.

Here are some of the top beard trends that one can choose from:

The natural beard

This is classic and best suited on those with a thick and good beard growth. Whilst this one looks good on almost everyone, and is easy to grow, maintaining it is rather challenging. When you choose this as your stile you must put in some work in grooming it. For starters, you must let it look natural yet have it look neat at the same time. For that, you must trim away the strays on your cheeks and neck regularly, especially if your beard hair texture is curly. This Is one of the most popular beard styles and is timeless, and suits pretty much all occasions

Faded circle beard

This style of beard has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This beard type is similar to a closed goatee beard in which a goatee attached to the moustache will form a complete circle. This style is best suited if your face is somewhat angular, in other words, if you have a chiselled jaw. This beard grows out of the chin and naturally fades towards the sideburns. This style of beard looks very dapper and can suit all occasions. You can also keep your beard’s edges shaved and defined for a sharp look.

Viking beard

This beard style happens to be a favourite of many, as it is uber cool; however, it is just as hard to maintain. To grow this beard, you must have a thick and good beard growth, the absence of which might make it look patchy and unkempt. This kind of beard originates from the Viking tribe and is seen in several movies and TV shows. This is a full beard that can be medium to long in terms of length. It can be personalized easily and hence is one of the best beard styles. However please note that this beard needs a lot of work to maintain.

Stubble beard

Another classic, The stubble beard again, is a favourite of many. This one has gained a lot of popularity, and many are sporting this beard, whether it’s film stars, celebrities, influencers, etc. This one is rather easy to maintain and does not need a lot of work. Those who find it tedious to grow and maintain a long beard can opt for this look. While this beard style is versatile, it gives you a badass look and goes well with every outfit.

Short boxed beard

The short boxed beard is fairly similar to the full beard. However, this one needs work when it comes to maintaining it as it needs regular visits to the barber for a decent trim. If you choose to maintain it yourself, you must be very careful as it can go wrong provided you’re not careful with the trimmer. However, if you choose to put in the work, this is one of the best beard styles. One thing to remember when keeping this beard style is keeping it close to the skin and not letting it grow out, making it look shabby and unkempt.


The beard style made famous by Tony Stark! This beard is similar to the faded circle beard, but it is restricted to the jawline and not connected to the sideburns. This, in essence, is a combination of a floating moustache and a beard that ends at the ends of the jawbone. This style looks the best with a moustache, the absence of which can make it look odd. This style needs a regular trim to maintain its shape; hence if you choose to keep it, be ready to take regular trips to your local barbershop, or book online home salon services.

Hollywoodian beard

This beard has an extended goatee and a full moustache. It is made famous by Hollywood actors who have kept this beard for various famous roles, and that is where it got its name. This style of beard has minimal to no sideburns. It looks nice on all face shapes and sizes and is easy to maintain. You can opt for this beard style if you want to look edgy and stand out in the crowd.

Goatee Beard


The Goatee is another classic. This beard style is one of the most popular and has been popular for a very long time. This beard has many variations. People can keep the goatee with a connected moustache or a floating moustache or even without a moustache. The best part about this beard is that it is easy to keep and maintain if you’re good with a trimmer. You can also experiment with the length of the beard to see what suits you best.

These are some beard styles you can opt for if you want to be in the beard game. Remember, to find the perfect beard style for you; experimentation is key. Get cracking!

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