How to Prevent hairfall and hair breakage at Home

5 Steps To Prevent Hairfall And Hair Breakage

Who doesn’t want glorious, lustrous locks, but hairfall and breakage make your hair appear dull and thinner? Remember that everyone sheds 70–100 hairs per day, which is completely normal, but excessive hair loss can be concerning because it indicates that you must be doing something wrong with your hair. 

Well! There are numerous ways to prevent hairfall and hair breakage, but it is critical to understand what causes hair fall and makes your hair dry and brittle. Let’s take a look at the top five causes of brittle hair.

  • Too much hair coloring or coloring your own hair

Hair color can make you look sassy, change your aesthetic, and make you look all glammed up. The result may appear to be acceptable and appealing at first, but coloring your hair damages the cuticle and frequently causes your hair to become dry, rough, and brittle, leading to hairfall and breakage. Using chemicals on your hair depletes the natural oils in your hair, resulting in unhealthy hair that is prone to brittleness and splitting. Hair color usually causes your hair to be dry and frizzy.

People also buy hair dye and bleach over the counter, but few realise that these products are harsh and damaging to their hair. Colouring your hair requires the services of a professional hairdresser because chemical reactions can ruin your hair or turn it into an odd colour if you try to colour it at home.

  • Too much hair protein

“Protein is the building block of our hair, and “keratin” is a protein found in our hair follicles that strengthens the hair strands. People who do not eat a protein-rich diet frequently experience hairfall and breakage. Protein-rich hair products are available on the market that can work wonders on rough and damaged hair, but did you know that applying too much protein to your hair can reverse the effect, making it rigid and hard and more prone to breaking off? It’s always a good idea to double-check the label and instructions.

*Remember that everything in moderation works, and always consult a professional stylist about the best products for your hair type.

  • Excessive heat styling

When it comes to damaging your hair, one of the worst offenders is heat, as it can leave your strands dull, dry, and broken. Heat styling tools are great for getting that desired perfect look, but they can also strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins by breaking down hydrogen bonds, leaving your hair burned and rough. The breakdown of hydrogen bonds changes the texture of your hair and is responsible for giving you the desired look, such as straightness, curliness, or sleekness. 

As our hair tries to mimic whatever environment it is in, it is critical to maintaining its NATURAL MOISTURE. The use of hot styling tools regularly can severely damage and break the hair, as well as permanently remove the sheen. It doesn’t mean that one should abandon heat styling tools entirely, as heat styling tools can really help you achieve great hairstyles and change your look! It’s just that one should be careful to protect your hair when using heat styling tools and avoid using them too frequently and for too long.

According to MyLA’s professional stylist, because of the differences in hair thickness, length, texture, and colour treatment, no two heads of hair can be treated the same. As a result, it is critical to select the appropriate heat styling tool for one’s hair type.

  • Wearing your hair too tight

Some hairstyles are very attractive, but they can be very damaging to your hair. Wearing your hair too tightly regularly can result in hair breakage from the front part and constant pain in the hair follicle. Hair that is pulled back too tightly can weaken the roots and cause permanent hair loss; a condition is known as “Traction Alopecia.” Putting your hair in a tight hairstyle can result in a receding hairline and wider part lines.

Instead of yanking on your hair when pulling it into an updo, use hair care products to achieve a smooth, tight look.

  • The hair tie- can make your hair cry

Hair ties are a girl’s best friend, whether they’re in her hair or on her wrist. You may overlook this, but the wrong type of hair tie can cause your hair to become dented, ripped, and prone to breakage. Elastic hair bands and ties are damaging and painful to the hair and should be avoided. There are numerous hair accessories available but keep your hair’s health in mind when selecting the best ties and bands. Tightly wrapped hair ties can cause hair breakage and tension on the hair follicle. Using hair ties is acceptable, but do not tie your hair all the time. For thinner hair, use thin ties, and for voluminous hair, use loose bands to make ponytails. Soft satin ties and scrunchies that are gentle on your hair can be used. Also, never pull the tie from your hair straight away; always untie it.

* Never go to bed with your hair in an elastic.

In addition to the above suggestions, get a relaxing head massage at least once a week, wash your hair with a gentle cleanser that is free of sulphates and parabens only as needed, and condition the mid-shaft to ends. You can also use a deep conditioning mask or schedule a home hair spa appointment once or twice a week to prevent hairfall and hair breakage and to make your hair look vibrant and lustrous.

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