Key Benefits of Eye Cream


As the saying goes, our eyes are the windows to our soul, but we sometimes forget to take care of the window frame.

The skin around the eyes is one of the thinnest and most delicate areas of the body.

As people age, the skin around their eyes thins and loses elasticity. It becomes drier over time, and we are less able to protect it from damage caused by our lifestyle choices or environmental factors. This results in dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles, creases, and lines around the eyes.

The key benefits of eye cream are that it protects the skin, increases firmness and elasticity, reduces dark circles and evens out skin color.

Here are a few common eye concerns that people of all ages and genders face, as well as how to treat them-


Did you know that dark circles are the most common concern among people of all ages and genders, and that they can be caused by a variety of factors other than a lack of sleep? 


Dark circles are caused by a variety of factors, including heredity, ageing (as we get older, the reddish-blue blood vessels under our eyes become more visible due to thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen), mental or physical stress, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, and a lack of sleep.

Excessive sun exposure also causes dark circles because your body produces more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour.


To reduce pigmentation under the eyes, use skincare with natural skin lightening ingredients like licorice and Vitamin C to gently lighten the area under the eyes and boost collagen production. To reduce dark eye circles, apply a caffeine cream to the eye area. Caffeine is an antioxidant that can temporarily constrict blood vessels and help reduce fluid retention in puffy eyes.



If you wake up with puffy eyes, it may be because excess fluid accumulated in the soft tissues surrounding your eyes while you slept. Puffy eyes can also be caused by ageing, genetic variations, allergies, water retention from excessive salt consumption, trauma, or a lack of sleep.


You can choose a jade roller that is shaped like a small ball and is suitable for your eye area. Refrigerate the jade roller. In the morning, apply some eye gel on the under eye and gently roll across the eye bag (PUFFY AREA). You can also apply refrigerated green tea bags or cucumbers to your eyes to help reduce blood flow and help relax and calm eye-area swelling.

There are countless eye creams on the market that can help with puffiness. Look for eye creams that contain anti-inflammatory and skin-tightening ingredients. Chamomile, cucumber, and arnica are some ingredients that can help with eye puffiness.



Fine lines and wrinkles are caused for multiple reasons; some you can control, some you can’t. The most common reason for fine lines and wrinkles is ageing. Other factors are excessive sun exposure, smoking, and repeated facial expressions.


Consider that topical retinoids derive from Vitamin A. Retinol and retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that promote cell turnover and collagen formation in the skin. Retinol improves the skin texture and penetrates deeper into the skin to revitalize wrinkles and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. You can use a retinol-containing eye cream at night because retinoids cause the skin to burn when exposed to sunlight, so you must protect your skin while using the cream. In the morning, apply an eye cream that contains green tea extract or an antioxidant-rich ingredient, as it protects and soothes skin against environmental factors that contribute to the ageing process.

People can also make lifestyle changes like moisturizing the eye area, wearing sunscreen, eating healthy food, quitting smoking, and drinking less alcohol to help prevent the long-term appearance of wrinkles.


How to cure Eye redness, dryness, and irritation


Eye redness, dryness, and irritation can be caused by factors other than an underlying disease. Examples include rubbing eyes, lack of sleep, allergies, excessive screen time, chlorine (from pools), and smoke exposure.

Because the skin around our eyes is thin and sensitive, it can take longer to recover. If you’re allergic to an ingredient in one of your products, such as fragrance, preservatives, or natural plant extracts, your eyes are often the first to become irritated, and the irritation can be severe.


Cool compresses over closed eyes, lightly massaging the eyelids, gently washing the eyelids, and/or over-the-counter eye drops can all help to alleviate symptoms. If the redness and irritation persist, see your dermatologist. It’s best to treat it right away [and identify the offending product]. Otherwise, it could take weeks or months to return to normal. Antibiotics, special eye drops, or ointments may be recommended or prescribed by an eye doctor.

How to Apply Eye Cream or Gel Properly?

Use the lightest-pressure finger, which is usually your pinkie. Gently pat eye cream or eye gel under your eyes until they are completely covered. This prevents you from tugging on the skin, as you would if you smudged it.

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