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I am Shreya who resides in Vikaspuri, Delhi. I recently went to Triund (Himachal Pradesh) for a small vacation where I had a lot of fun. My husband is a tracking enthusiast. He has been there thrice but this was my first time. All these days we went trekking and explored Himachal Pradesh on our feet. I didn’t think of anything and took small naps without worrying about our tired legs all this while. I asked the very few travelers who were around us if I could get massage services but it was a private place and there was hardly anyone that we could find to assist me with the same.

My husband told me that instead of searching for massage services here, I should wait and get a massage after we land in Delhi because it is a hill station and there were only food and shelter arrangements that we could find. We decided to look for such a place where there is a view but no crowd. We were so into having fun that I forgot the pain but after we came to Delhi, I had to restart our work life and for that, I was drained. As promised, my husband ordered MyLA’s massage service, which was the best massage service I ever got my hands-on.

He found it when he ordered repair services from them in the past. He had previously mentioned that they were having separate massage services for men and women and he was amazed to see that. He was just as fresh and since he has been trekking for a while now, he didn’t feel the need for massage otherwise had massage services for men too.

It was one experience that was equally pleasing as the views that we left behind. Not to brag, but the therapist came to our place promptly because I wanted services the same day. I wanted to relieve all the pain and destress my muscles because I have never been trekking before. The therapist who showed up was so professional and used the right oils and applied the right points. Experiencing massage at home just hit me differently because of the level of comfort I accomplished.

My main motive was to start fresh and pamper myself before I get tied up with the daily hustle. I was not sure if the trained therapist would come, but they surprised me because I found a professional therapist and a trained doctor in her who gave me such a relaxing session that I kickstarted with work with a double amount of zeal. The oils that the therapists use also make a huge difference because small things matter when we opt for such services from outside. truly stood up to my expectations from online services. One thing that fascinated me the most about their service was that they are offering “professional” assistance that is easily accessible without investing any time and effort that too at attractive prices. I am not getting tired of suggesting everyone to choose them for all the essential services. I am amazed and I can’t wait to call them again.

Checkout MyLA’s Facial and Massage Services Price List:

Facial and Massage Services
Cleanup | Cleansing | Toning | Exfoliation | Massage | Application Starting from Rs449
Facial With Your Products | Products To Be Provided By The Customer Rs449
Facial | Cleansing | Toning | Exfoliation | Massage | Application Starting from Rs499


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