Best Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services at the Lowest Price

MyLA’s Cleaning Services turned out to be a Savior for My Guest House

We have a property at a nice location that we have turned into a guest house. Now there are quite a number of guests who stay there when they come to explore our city or when they are looking for a shelter. Some for a couple of days and the others for a short duration. They use rooms and bathrooms which is obvious. We have all the necessary staff like the servants, maids, cooks, receptionists and all. They work there on a regular basis and do the needful. As of now, we are a small family of 1 person for each task and sometimes we have to face difficulties when any of them are unable to mark their presence.

This story is about one such situation when we were looking for someone to substitute our bathroom cleaner for one week. I felt the same as I feel when our housemaid takes a leave. But you won’t believe me if I tell you that I have found a substitute for every such situation. It was the first time that we had to search for a bathroom cleaner for our guest house. Otherwise, we don’t even think twice when our housemaid takes a leave. We call for cleaning services from whenever we need them. Thanks to the thought that suddenly popped into my mind that maybe they are also having bathroom cleaning services separately because it turned out to be true.

I immediately booked it after I asked them about its details and whether they can serve me what I want and they readily informed me about everything. They asked me about the suitable timing, I didn’t have to ask about the prices and the service provider’s details because they had already mentioned it on the landing page. They arrived at the right time which was very immediate and fast, the rates were very affordable, like lesser prices than what I pay to my daily employee. I had decided on a budget inside which I had to get it done and they stood up to my expectations. Talking about the job, they were great at it. The service providers were not only professional but quick too. They made such a big task an easy one. 

I knew that they provide all the essential services but this one saved our reputation. They cleaned all the bathrooms and cleaned the after-service mess, took all the safety precautions. Not just this, another appreciable thing was that they cleaned all the sanitary items too. This online services supermarket has been a true blessing for my business. I recommended it to other business friends and their response was also good.

I have not only used cleaning services but I am dependent on them for many other services like I have used plumber services, and home appliance repair services because who doesn’t want to save their time and money? I don’t have to ask 10 people and just receive the best of what they serve. You must try their prompt, affordable yet professional services!

Checkout MyLA’s Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services Price List:

Bathroom Cleaning Services
1 Bathroom Rs499
2 Bathroom Rs899
3 Bathroom Rs1,299
4 Bathroom Rs1,599
5 Bathroom Rs1,899
Add-Ons | Additional Mirror, Fans, Toilet Seat, Basin, etc. Starting from Rs40
*Min. Cart Value Rs399

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