How to clean wooden furniture safely?

How to Clean Your Wooden Furniture Safely!

You can fully relate to this if you are fond of keeping antique pieces of wood or you have actual wood furniture in your house. Decorating your house with antique wood pieces never goes out of fashion because of the authenticity that it offers, the trend keeps elevating with evolutionary times. Although wood is considered to be one of the most solid things made so far. It goes through some suffering too, that can be treated to prevent it from getting depreciated before its said life. To clean your wooden furniture, there are a lot of routine practices that bring back the finish of the wooden furniture, be it a table or any piece of a wooden item.

Wooden furniture sometimes has to tolerate oil stains, water string marks, its polish gets dull with time, and many such things. These should be removed and cleaned as soon as it comes into your realization. There are a few precautions and go to hacks that you can bring into application if you want to save your wood.

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Here are some tips and tricks for you to clean your wooden furniture:-

Don’t let the water come in direct contact with the wooden surface:

You might be aware of this one but this is just to remind you because we often leave water dripping on the wooden surface or spill water and keep it as it is after that we wait for it to soak on itself which is not an appreciable practice.

Worried about the dullness in wood’s shine:

This is normal because as the thing gets olds it keeps losing its glow but it is possible to bring its shine. All you need is:

  • Turpentine oil
  • Varnish powder that matches your furniture’s color.

You just need to mix both of them and then paint it on your furniture, once in a year is enough.

Olive oil works wonders:

You can either apply olive oil directly or mix it with apple cider vinegar solution. This will bring back the shine and also prevent it from a pest attack.

Did I mention regular dusting and vacuum cleaning shouldn’t be left behind?:

You must not leave this exercise because dust can be removed easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner daily so that you don’t invite the dust layer to settle on the surface.

Oily stains can be removed too:

You might have not heard this before but toothpaste can be used to remove the oily stains from the dining furniture or tables. You just need to wipe it and rub it for a while with the help of a cloth.

Furniture also needs some sunshine:

If you don’t know this then get going to showcase the furniture to some sunlight. This practice prevents the furniture from pest invasion and I am sure some of you reading might be practicing this during the festive cleaning of your house.

Baking soda:

Baking soda can be used with some parts of vinegar and hot water if you see your furniture turning blackish brown. It can be sprayed all through the surface or can be applied using a cloth by wiping it.

Can you use vinegar alone?

Vinegar’s application is no big deal. You can mix some parts of vinegar with more amount of water and that works just fine with returning the shine of the wooden doors or any other wooden furniture.

Lemon solution and baking soda:

This is also easily available at anyone’s house and you have to mix both with water to prepare a light solution. Its application is the same as that of other solutions, can either be sprayed or applied directly by putting it on a cloth and wiping it with the same.

If you find this task tedious, there are a lot of options available with and we can assist you with the whole procedure through our affordable and easily accessible services. Clean your wooden furniture with our professionals and give them a chance to amaze you with their skillset. Contact us!

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