Pranayama in Yoga

What is Pranayama and How Does it Hone Your Health

The current pandemic has left each of us feeling anxious about many things like work, stability, family, and, most importantly, our health. Also, constantly watching the news regarding how grim the situation is a major contributory factor in depreciating our mental & physical health. Hence is of utmost importance that each of us focuses on improving our mental and physical health and incorporating simple things in our daily routine that would help hone our immunity and mental and physical health. One such activity that has been proven to be great in improving ones overall health is Pranayama. In this post, we will uncover the importance of Pranayama and check out its top benefits.

Pranayama Breathing Exercise

What’s Pranayama?

Pranayama is a Yoga breathing exercise known to be an important part of Yoga. Pranayama is the breath regulation technique that promotes physical and mental health. It is roughly translated from Sanskrit as a “control of energy”. Practically, it is the set of different breathing patterns and exercises. During this breathing exercise, people must control their inhalation & exhalation when following the sequence of holding their breath. Some use pranayama as an important component of Yoga but also as an independent practice. Enhancing and renewing the link between your body and mind is a primary aim of this yoga technique.

How To Incorporate Pranayama In Your Daily Routine?

If you are a novice in Pranayama then here are a few useful techniques that will help you get the maximum benefits. Some valuable pointers that you need to consider when doing your pranayama practices daily are given below:

  • The place must be well-ventilated
  • Mornings or evenings are a perfect time for practicing pranayama
  • Must do pranayama daily for 15 mins
  • The place must be clean and neat free from dirt and pollutants.
  • Make a point you practice daily at the same time and place
  • No distraction
  • Pranayama must be practiced on an empty stomach
Pranayama Breathing

Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama has a wonderful healing effect on the mind and body. Check out the list of benefits that pranayama offers you: 

Lowers blood pressure

Hypertension is a condition when the blood pressure reaches an unhealthy level and results in serious health conditions such as heart disease & stroke. Stress is another risk factor for high blood pressure, and Pranayama helps to reduce such risk by promoting nerve relaxation.

Perfect Stress Reliever

Feeling depressed, fearful, anxious, and low can lead to several psychological behaviour problems. You don’t just stay irritated and agitated but also reduce your potential of working with efficiency. Practising regular Pranayama eliminates this negativity & charges your mind with relaxation and optimism. 

Improves Concentration

Pranayama regulates autonomic response by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, so Pranayama calms your mind and helps to make it free from stress and anxiety. It helps you control your thoughts and become the master. Since it nullifies any distractions, your level of concentration increases tremendously.

Helps in Weight loss

Pranayama health benefits are not just limited to the right functioning of the internal organs but also help reduce your overall body weight when practised daily.

Pranayama is not just a breathing exercise that controls your Prana but channelizes various positive effects that it has on the mind, body, and behaviour.

There are several benefits of practising Pranayama, and incorporating this into your routine would undoubtedly help you hone your overall health. However, one must know how to practice Pranayama correctly. Today you can find Yoga Gurus Online or Yoga Coaches online that can help you learn the proper technique and get your mental and physical health on point.

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