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Maintaining Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Most of us have to face stressful, irrepressible challenges that have caused immense stress among children and adults. Public health initiatives like social distancing, lockdowns, etc., are instrumental in stopping the spread of this deadly virus. However, they make us feel lonely and isolated, which increases anxiety and stress. Learning to deal with stress and anxiety healthily makes you and others around you more resilient.

What Needs to Be Done?

Suppose you’re feeling trapped during the pandemic and resorting to habits and a lifestyle that are not very healthy. An NLP  (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach will support you to develop the tools to help you cope and deal with the current situation and stress better. and find hope for a brighter future.

NLP, i.e., Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a psychological approach that involves studying strategies employed by established and successful individuals and implementing them in our lives for attaining personal goals. NLP is known to have a therapeutic and positive effect on individuals.

NLP coaching will help you develop your minds to stay positive and emerge as a winner and a happier person post the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Pandemic?

While we say that NLP can help you stay positive during such dire times, there are other simple things that you can do to stay positive and stay healthy mentally.

Stay Away from The News for a Little While

Take a break from reading, watching, and listening to the news constantly (this could also include social media). It is good to stay informed, but continuously hearing about how bad the situation due to coronavirus is upsetting. Limit news to just one hour a day just with the sole purpose of staying updated.

Avoid making assumptions

Try not to jump to conclusions or judge and blame individuals, leaders, a group of people, etc., for being responsible for the spread of coronavirus. This can lead to arguments amongst friends and family which can cause distress. Instead, remember that we are all in this together, and we must play our role in breaking the chain and stopping it from spreading.

Look after yourself.

Engage in some form of physical activity. Having a fitness routine can not only help you hone your physical health but exercising, stretching, meditating, etc., are proven to be great for mental health too. Along with exercising, maintaining overall health is pivotal. Maintaining a well-balanced diet, a good sleep cycle limiting the consumption of alcohol or smoking can go a long way. Little things like this also help in improving immunity.

Pursue a Hobby

Pursue a hobby

We are all confined to our homes. With all the extra time that we have at hand, there is no better time to pick up or pursue a hobby. If there is something that you’ve always wanted to learn, now is the time. The pandemic has made online learning a possibility. You can today easily find instructors and coaches like music coaches online, cooking instructors online, etc. This will help you stay positive and give you a certain sense of accomplishment.

Declutter your home

There is no better time than now to focus on cleaning your homes. So take this opportunity to clean, declutter, and organizing your home. As per the NLP Coaches, the predictability of cleaning will offer you a sense of control during uncertainty and provides your body, mind, and soul a break from stress.

Connecting with friends

Reach out to the people and support them 

Stay connected with your family and friends. Talking to those that you care about and those who care about you is known to ease stress. Many of us have had friends that we have not spoken to for years. Today, we are presented with the opportunity to get back in touch with them. Talking about your feelings and concerns with those close to you helps you to stay positive. Receiving care and support from others and reciprocating the same brings a sense of stability and comfort. 

Like us, several are going through a hard time. So, therefore, extending a helping hand to others and letting them know that you’re there for them can go a long way.

Maintain a Daily Routine 

The pandemic has made our lives topsy-turvy and has completely spoilt the routine that we once followed. However, maintaining a routine would make you feel engaged throughout the day. Develop a consistent routine i.e., a sleep schedule, exercise routine, and meal plan, work hours, etc. Sticking to a routine would help you feel a lot more accomplished and happier.

We Are in This Together 

Last but not least, we need to know that we are all in this together. Each of us have a fight of our own and are finding ways to deal with things. May it be your friends, family, coworkers, neighbour, etc. We are all going through similar, if not the same, challenges. Always remind yourself that there are people who care for you and love you and vice-versa. Although we might be isolated from one another currently, we are not alone. Acknowledging and understanding this fact would help you come out of this as a winner.

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