Tips to make your bedroom look modern and cool

Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look More Stylish and Cool

There are two types of people when it comes to designing the bedroom. Some love to live in peace and others are obsessed with room décor. Doing up spaces with curated things arranged according to a theme has become a trend these days. Planning up your space has a lot to do with your passion because with passion comes ideas. A lot of space goes neglected if we do not pre-plan things and that is where design plays an important role.

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To keep up with trends and bring those peaceful vibes in your most important space “the bedroom”, here are some Modern Bedroom Design Ideas that can help you with the same:

Headboard plays a huge role

Does not matter whether you are going according to a theme or keeping it minimal, the headboard of the bed adds beauty to the entire place, and just by keeping it a little heavy, the designer would pump up the look of your bedroom. There are many types of headboards available these days like wall-mounted, freestyling, panels of different styles like traditional, elegant, fourposter, slatey, made up of different types of materials like wood, leather, metal, upholstered, etc. You should spend time thinking about the same.


The rug’s a part of everlasting fashion

Rugs beneath the bed help in multiple ways like protecting the floor from unnecessary scratches and give a finishing touch to the room with a feeling of comfort and class. Rugs can be a barrier in cleaning but when you think of setting up your space you have to be ready to put some effort into maintaining it.

Confused about the colors of the wall?

We always get confused about the wall color because there are a lot of options and we are in search of the best. There are a few colors that go with everything. You can choose gray as a base and then put things of multiple shades of dark aesthetic colors to highlight every small thing in your room. This will make the room look spacious and colorful with a minimalistic touch.

Do not focus on painting but lighting

You should not try to bring all the colors in your room and if you want to, you should play with the colored lightings that look elegant and can be changed according to the mood. These must be positioned smartly because too much lightning is also a No-No! If you are in doubt about planning colors and lighting to design your bedroom “MyLA’s interior designing services” with the help of its trained professionals can assist you with the same. Feel free to contact us!


The bed must be centered

We always try to keep the bed in the corner of the adjacent walls which is not how it’s meant to be. No matter how small the space is, the bed must always be in the center of the main wall which makes it easy to walk around and comfortable in making the bed.


Hide your curtain rods

Lots of people forget to do arrangements to hide the curtain rods and rings. These rods can be hidden with the help of any combination of colored wooden ply. This is mainly done because rods disturb the overall appearance of the window wall.


Bring your greens inside

These days people value plants more than antiques because they are full of freshness and positivity. non-flowering plants give the most appropriate aesthetic touch to the space.

The chandelier above the head

You should make arrangements for lamps and shades be it for the floor lamps or the wall lamps. These days many innovations and designs have come into place and add life to the design of the bedroom. Night Lamps are not necessarily to be placed on the tables or shelves; you can also place some furniture top attached to the wall to avoid cluttering the space and easy cleaning.

All white

For the time being if you are not sure about which color to paint on your walls then you must go with white. It gives a classic look and you can mix and match everything with it. Special attention is required to maintain it but it is worth it and never goes out of fashion.



Gone are those times when we used to use mirrors on the almirah but now there are a lot of mirror trends going around like floor mirrors or separate mirrors for the beauty space in the bedroom with lights. Floor mirrors are very convenient and portable.

Bathroom inside wardrobe

This one might sound strange to you but this helps in showcasing the real beauty of the bedroom with having the comforts of the attached bathroom. You can keep the same kind of furniture for the washroom doors and the wardrobe so that it doesn’t look weird having a washroom in the bedroom. Sometimes the people who don’t know hardly recognize the difference. If this is a bit confusing to you, don’t worry because is offering bedroom interior services at the lowest price. With the help of the best interior designers working with us, we can do wonders to make your bedroom the favorite place of your house.

We are spending most of our time in our home these days, right from working from home to having small gatherings at our house. Comfort and authenticity have become the utmost priority. This is the space that can lift your mood and boost your motivation. So if you ever get stuck in the middle of designing your bedroom and feel like taking advice from a professional interior designer, is always there to help you out. Hoping that these ideas would end up being some help to you!

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    Amazing tips to make bedroom look more stylish. And yeah definitely lightning plays a major role in room. And now the floor mirrors are very trending.

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