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When we built our house in my hometown Indore where are residing for the past 18years, my maternal uncle and my father took care of all the little things. As he lives in Mumbai, he gave all the modern design ideas and, on his advice, we fitted bathroom furniture of the brands that are famous in Mumbai without thinking about how we will arrange its repair and service if something goes wrong. All of our taps and basins were quite different than usual. We enjoyed using them for around 4 years then came the moment we were not prepared for.

Unknowingly, one day I pressed the flush knob so heavily that it loosened up and stopped working. I didn’t tell anybody about it out of fear, but it could not stay hidden much longer, which was obvious. Then my father called up all the plumbers that we knew and some of them even showed up but nobody could understand the design of the pot. They said that we wouldn’t be able to find any repairman here because people usually do not install such seating. They also said that they will require a few things that they cannot arrange. In Conclusion, they gave up. We sighed for a while but we had to get it repaired at any cost. I suggested to my father that we can also search for plumber services online and we did so. We came across this amazing website which is a services supermarket.

I registered a service request for “plumbing services” and got a quick follow-up action and we needed it urgently so I also mentioned the time. They arrived promptly. The prices were already mentioned on the landing page, I found it very cheap and affordable. It did not include any cash transaction. Fortunately, the service providers who showed up were well equipped and they also arranged the other requirements on their own. Other than that, I must appreciate them for the professionalism they maintained. Their customer support system stayed in touch all this while and was frequently taking updates of the whole execution process. I cleared all my doubts through it, though this was not the first time for me to order a service online but it was my first with The whole thing went pretty smoothly without any confusion. They checked several times after the repair and till today we have not faced any problem with the flush.

Best Plumbers in Indore

Now, we found it easy and convenient because we didn’t even invest a pinch of effort, and receiving services at your doorstep is like the best thing ever. Their pricing was decent and we were impressed. So, we thought of ordering another service too which was washing machine repair, which thank God! I didn’t mess up, but my sister did. A different set of professionals arrived and they were also skilled ones that I can tell you as per my experience. I would suggest to everyone that instead of wasting time consulting ten different people, you should also try going for such online services and if you ask me to choose one, I would name

Checkout MyLA’s Plumbing Repair Services Price List in India:

Taps & Mixers Starting from Rs99
Wash Basin & Sink Starting from Rs149
Bathroom Fittings Starting from Rs149
Toilet & Sanitary Starting from Rs149
Blockages & Leakages Starting from Rs249
Motors Starting from Rs199
Water Tanks Starting from Rs199

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