six ways in which you can save energy at home

Quick & Easy Tips To Save Energy At Home

We share this earth, and it is our responsibility to save the world. It starts right at home! How many times have you opened the door to your home after a full day outside to find that all the lights are on? We feel guilty for that moment but don’t take the time to change these habits and be more conscious of our energy use. If saving the world isn’t enough motivation then consider this, with the right choices you can save north of 25% of your energy bill a year. The list of tips to reduce your energy consumption ranges from basic tips like switching the lights off before leaving a room to investing in solar panels.

Here are some quick & easy tips to save energy at home:

Invest in newer electronics

Ways How to Save Electricity at Home

With innovation happening at a swift rate, every day newer appliances are released that consume lesser energy than their predecessors. Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED can save you a lot on your energy bill themselves. LED bulbs are energy efficient, can change colors, and are much brighter. Switching to LED is the right choice.  Solar panels are also a great investment. The amount of sunlight that falls on earth is enough to power all the cities but we don’t use it efficiently. You can install solar panels on your roof to reduce your dependency on the electricity board. This will save you a ton of money by also getting you a subsidised rate for the energy you do consume.

Taking appliances off standby

Energy-efficient Tips To Lower Electricity Costs

Keeping an appliance on stand-by means keeping it plugged in a switched-on port but not using it and keeping it switched off. It continues to consume a very little amount of energy but it stacks up day after day. By switching off the switch we cut all power and most appliances’ electronics are built to withstand it. Do your research on appliances you are doubtful of.

Be smart about your use of your washing machine

great tips on saving energy at home

This is a great way to conserve energy. To start, don’t use the tumble dryer. Always opt for natural drying underneath the sun. Use the washing machine only when a full load of clothes has been collected. Use the washing machine in the cold water setting or 30C at max instead of higher settings. Reuse your clothes until they need a wash to reduce the number of times your run your washing machine every month. This will help drastically reduce your energy consumption.


Top Energy Saving Ways for Your Home

Does your wi-fi run 24/7? Using smart switches to automate your wi-fi being switched off 20 mins after you usually leave the house in the morning and switching it back on a few minutes before you usually come back. You can also program it to go off 1 hour after your bedtime and to switch back on before you wake up. This saves a lot of energy every day. You can use this on other appliances too like heaters, geysers, AC, fans, etc. All these small changes compound to affect your energy consumption by a lot.

Adjust the temperature

Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

We often overcorrect when trying to get away from the harshness of the outside. When coming in from a sunny day we blast the ac on the lowest temperature setting, making the house super cold. Investing in a programmable thermostat that increases and decreases the temperature throughout the day. Also, check your water heater, it may be at a higher setting than need be. If the water from your tap can burn your hand it’s at a high setting and you can turn it off so that it consumes less energy. This is an effective way to reduce the electricity bill.

Natural light

Using natural light to light your home

Using natural light to light your home during the day is an effective way to save energy. If your home gets a lot of natural light why waste it, open the windows and let the golden rays into your home. Natural light reduces stress and anxiety while also making you more productive. It reduces the strain on your eye, gives you better sleep, and gives you all the benefits of vitamin D. Natural light has so many benefits, and reducing your energy consumption is the icing on top of the cake. It’s a great way to save energy bills at home.

With the depletion of fossil fuels, now calls the time for action. While the governing bodies try and find other ways to produce energy, it is our job to reduce our energy consumption. Small changes and investments can change how much energy you use for the foreseeable future. It is our duty as citizens of the world to reduce our individual energy consumption. Incorporate as many tips as you can in your daily life to help save the planet, with a side bonus being saving your wallet.

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