10 Home Workout Tips For Beginners

10 Home Workout Tips For Beginners

Like every year before is exercising regularly one of your resolutions for the New Year? Going to the gym can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner unfamiliar with all the exercises. Going to the gym can be a significant portion of your day and you might be too busy to dedicate that much time. Home workouts come to the rescue when running into these problems. They are convenient as they are done right at home, and it is perfect for beginners as they are simple and easy to do. Here are 10 workout tips for beginners at home.

Top 10 Workout Tips For Beginners

Set your goal

Beginner Workout at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

The first thing to do is to set your goal and work towards that. If your goal is to put on muscle and all you do is HIIT and cardio then it benefits no one and you won’t reach your goal. Most people come into three categories- 1- I want to lose weight, 2- I want to gain weight, and 3- I want to maintain this weight but turn fat into muscle.  Pick one of the three that suits you best. The type of training you need to follow for 1 is cardio and HIIT workouts, 2 is resistance training, and 3 is a mixture of the two.

Don’t fall for YouTube Scams

At-Home Workout for Beginners

Youtube is great and a fantastic resource to learn more about training and working out. But it is important to differentiate between good information and bad. If a youtube video promises big results in a short time that is a big red flag. Stay clear of videos like “7-minute workout GUARANTEED abs”. They are nothing but false promises.

Invest in some basic equipment

Tips for Exercise Beginners

This is not necessary but can greatly improve the effectiveness of your workouts. All you need is a yoga mat, skipping rope, and a pair of dumbbells. Pick a dumbbell weight that is challenging for you if you don’t want to buy many. But be warned, you might quickly outgrow them in strength and will have to get new ones. On the other hand, the perfect time to join the gym is when you do outgrow the dumbbells.

Get it over with in the morning

Home Workout Tips to Maximise Results

No one likes training, at least at first. The best fitness tip is to get it over with early in the morning. As the day goes on you might get busy and find excuses, not to work out. If you get it over with first thing in the morning it makes the rest of the day is better.

Learn the science

This is the best health and fitness tip. When you learn the science and get serious about it you can see real results very fast. Learn what HIIT is, what cardio means, what comes under resistance training, how the body builds muscle, etc. When you get into it you will find it all to be very interesting. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you acquire the more powerful you are. Google is a great way to learn but it may drown you in irrelevant information, a trusted fitness professional can educate you on this subject better.


The Ultimate Guide to Home Workout Routine

Our ancestors had it right, relying on their wisdom can help us. Doing yoga asanas is an effective workout and pranayama helps with your mental health. This one is for the health freaks who are not looking to change their appearance but rather stay healthy and limber. Yoga is perfect for taking care of your health. But if you don’t know where to start stick around to find out.


The Best At-Home Workouts tips for Beginners

This blog mentions it more than once, but what is HIIT? It is high-intensity interval training. It is a training protocol that involves you doing very high-intensity work for a short period followed by a period of rest multiple times. You can find effective HIIT workout videos that are sure to get your heart pumping. A short 20–30-minute workout can burn hundreds of calories.


At-Home Fitness Tips for Beginner

You cannot out-train a bad diet. If you are not eating right no matter how much you work out it will be hard to see results. It is important to prioritize protein in your meals. Avoid simple sugars. Be aware of the calories you consume; you don’t have to calculate to perfection but have a general idea of how many calories are in the food you are consuming so you don’t over or undereat.


Discipline is the bridge that will help you cross from where you are now to your goals. If you are not disciplined about your diet, or your workouts then you are the one at the loss. It is hard work, but it pays off when you reach your goal and you can be proud of yourself and your body.


Tips for At-Home Fitness

Walk 10000 steps a day every day, it is the bare minimum. It can be hard if you work a desk job but you can still manage by making some changes. Walk around during your breaks, go for walks after work, take the stairs instead of the list, walk around when brushing your teeth and opt to walk instead of a vehicle for short distances. Walking 10000 steps is equivalent to burning 500 calories.

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