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Online Services – The Future is Now

For the past two decades, the world has rapidly shifted towards digital transactions. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its growth with virtual markets extending to almost every type of service provider and customer. 

Over the past year, nations have entered & re-entered lockdowns to protect their population. While this has affected businesses adversely, it has opened a golden opportunity. Services like education, healthcare & professional services have been hit particularly hard but have quickly adapted to the new normal. This has promoted online services to the main transaction source. 

There are two types of online services. Either they’re completely online or a mix of digital & physical interactions, i.e, hybrid online services. Complete online services are those services that you can book and avail completely online and contactless. Services that fall under this category include the following.

  • Online Tuition or Online Tutors which could include tutors for subjects like mathematics, sciences, language, music, public speaking, cooking & baking, etc.
  • Professional services like consulting services which could include financial advisors, lawyers, investment advisors, chartered accountants.
  • Fitness & Health which could include fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and dietitians. 
  • IT-enabled services like website development, app development, tech support, etc. 
  • Hybrid Online Services are when customers book services online and the service is delivered at either the customer’s or the service provider’s premise. Services like plumbing, electrical repair, appliance repair, painting, etc. fall under this category. 

In the light of the current pandemic, the portfolio of online services has expanded as the demand for such services has grown. More people are adopting online services, as it is very convenient for them to avail. Online services can be availed by any customer in any country across the globe. For example, an NRI requiring help with investing in India can speak to an investment advisor sitting in Mumbai. They can get in touch with a property advisor in New Delhi to seek advice on the best place to invest in real estate. 

MyLA is India’s fastest growing online services supermarket and is committed to connecting customers to the best & verified service providers. MyLA has a host of services on offer ranging from home repair, health, wellness & beauty, professional services, cleaning & sanitisation services, etc. in cities Dehradun, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Jaipur, Nagpur, Lucknow and Chandigarh.

MyLA Global Indian is MyLA’s latest initiative to help Indians, all over the globe, to avail online services by connecting them to the best possible service providers & advisors in India. With MyLA Global Indian, service providers can now reach out to a larger set of target audiences and grow their business by registering on 

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