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Work From Home! How To Not Slip Up On Your Diet

Working from home; the new normal! We can all agree that working from home is far more convenient than working from an office. However, working from home also has upset the balance when it comes to our lifestyle. It has taken a toll on our food habits in more ways than one. Given the current global health crisis, it is of high importance that each of us maintains a healthy diet. That being said, we all can adopt small changes that can help us develop healthy eating habits whilst working from home. 

We have compiled a list of small things that one can adopt to get their health back on track.

1. Have a set place for food & work

It is established that working from home is very convenient. The flipside to this is, now we can sit on places where we sit and dine, which is not ideal, per se. Hence, defining a place where we sit and work, which is away from the dining table is important. Because, the fact that we dine there and it is close to the kitchen, could tempt us.

2. Plan a Diet Schedule

Working from home unfortunately has affected our schedule & routine. When we worked from our offices before 2020, we had a set schedule for the day, including the meals we consumed. A lot of us, over time, have let that slip. It is wise to plan a daily diet schedule and stick to it. Setting fixed times for meals, planning your food menu at the start of the week, for the entire week. This can not only help you get back to a disciplined routine but also can help your health back on track.

3. Say No Skipping Meals

We often end up being extremely consumed by work. Due to which we either end up either skipping a meal or forgetting to eat at the right time. Hence defining a schedule is important, because skipping meals is unhealthy. Also, the longer we wait between meals, the more hungry we feel get and the chance of us overeating goes high. 

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4. Count your calories

Although this sounds difficult, it is fairly simple. Keeping a track of calories consumed vs calories burnt is not difficult. There are several fitness apps & websites that can help us in keeping a track of this. Consulting with an online fitness instructor or an online nutritionist can also be of great help. They can help us find our perfect diet for our health & fitness goals.

5. Don’t Snack When on a Break

We all need a break from work every hour or two. When on a break, we must consciously keep away from grabbing quick bites. Instead, we may take a walk inside of the house, or stretch out, or call or talk to a friend, etc. These little things can not only benefit us physically but also mentally. All we need to do is be mindful of what we do during our breaks.

6. Find healthy Alternatives to Snacks

We all look forward to a tea or coffee break once or twice a day. Habitually, a lot of us are used to eating some snacks along with our beverages. Replacing foods like fried potato crisps, cookies, etc. with healthier foods like fruits or baked snacks is a great thing to do.

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7. Develop or Hone Cooking Skills

Working from home has also given us a lot of time at hand. This is a great time to pick up a hobby like cooking. We can start by learning how to cook simple things, and then later join online cooking classes to hone our cooking skills. The biggest positive about cooking for ourselves is that we know exactly what we’re putting in our food.

8. Stay Away from Junk Food

Junk foods are extremely addictive are not the best for our health. With the abundance of food delivery apps, we are often tempted to browse through them & order. And more often than not, we order foods that are not very healthy. To avoid this, we can do a few simple things.

  • Eat at regular intervals so that we don’t starve
  • Stock up on healthy & low-calorie snacks
  • Eat proper meals i.e. breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Keeping busy with hobbies

9. Experiment with Diet

Home food doesn’t mean that it has to be boring or bland. There are several types of diets that we can adopt; for example, Keto, The Paleo Diet, etc. These diets are quite interesting. The kinds of foods that we get access to when on these diets are quite tasty. However, it is wise for us to consult with a professional & experienced online dietitian or an online nutritionist before committing to a diet.  

10. Eat Smaller Portions

Most of us are used to eating on a large dinner plate. Replacing the dinner plate with a quarter plate or a bowl is a great alternative. This would allow us to take smaller helpings. In case we are not full the first time we can always take a second helping.

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11. Hydrate

A large portion of each of our bodies is comprised of water. Drinking water and staying hydrated is great for health. Also, Water helps in keeping the metabolism in check. A bonus, hydration helps in managing hunger pangs.

12. Eat Slowly

Several studies have stated that eating fast contributes to weight gain. When we eat fast we tend to overeat as our brains do not understand whether we are full or not. Eating slow helps our gut to communicate with our brain, letting it know that we have eaten. This helps in reducing appetite and stops us from overeating. 

13. Get Active:

Last but not the least, Whilst we might have our eating habits taken care of by checking all the right boxes. It is important for each of us to stay active. Because exercise, diet & rest together contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. Today with an abundance of online fitness coaching classes, Online Yoga Training classes, etc. We can all find ourselves a Fitness trainer online or a yoga trainer online, or a Gym Instructor Online.

Now that we have listed some of the things that we can do to hone our lifestyles as we work from home. We can take all start by taking small steps to get healthier & fitter.

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