Most Common Geyser Problems and Solutions

Most Common Geyser Problems and Solutions

As winter has just begun, it’s good to get your geyser ready for cold days. During the winter hot water becomes a necessity either in the kitchen or bathrooms. However, geyser may have some problems that will need a resolution as soon as possible so that you can enjoy uninterrupted usage or function of the geyser.     

We are listing the most common geyser problems and solutions and presenting the comprehensive geyser troubleshooting guide. It is better to check your geyser status before planning for a repair from the technician.

Here’re the most common geyser problems and solutions:

Geyser is on but there is no hot water

Geyser is turning on but the water is cold. What to do? There can be a couple of reasons such as; the heating element is damaged or broken. The thermostat settings may not ok or it is damaged. First, you can check the thermostat settings and set the water temperature level – cold, medium hot, very hot. If the problem still remains, there is some real damage.

If the heating element or the thermostat is faulty then call the electrician to fix the issue properly. It is always suggested to call authorized technician. The problem will be repeated if it is not fixed properly, and at the worst case your geyser can be damaged as well.

Geyser not switching on

First, check whether your electricity connection is proper or not. If the electricity connection is proper then it may have one or more failed heating elements or a tripped limit switch. You must also check water supply before switching on the Geyser. Still the issue remains, call the technician and fix the issue. You can also get your water heater repaired by MyLA service experts.

Geyser keeps overflowing

If hot water and steam are coming out of the overflow pipe, switch your geyser off using the main distribution board immediately and run a hot water tap for a few minutes to cool down the water inside. The overflow can happen when the valves are loose or damage. In this case the pressure valve or float valve must be replaced or serviced. 

Geyser not cut off

If your geyser is overheating or not cut off automatically, you need to check the temperature setting on the thermostat. Wrong temperature setting can be a possible cause of an overheating geyser. Set the right temperature on the thermostat and check whether the issue has been resolved. If the issue still remains call a technician to resolve the issue.

Geyser not giving enough water

You’re not getting enough water or the water flow is low. First, you need to check that if the water is coming through all the taps in the house or not. If the water is coming properly, and only the hot water tap is not giving water, it could also be a result of clogged pipes, or debris, sediment and other deposits. You need to contact a plumber or professional technician to get this problem solved.

Geyser leakage problem

If you see water is leaking through the ceiling, switch off the power supply as well as the main water supply to the geyser. Check the electrical geyser valves. If it is loose then tighten the valves and fix the problem. This valve should be replaced if there is a constant water leakage. For this, you need to consult the technician. Nowadays, many geysers come with safety pressure valve to overcome the water leakage problem.  

Geyser giving shock

Once you observe a shock immediately stop using the Geyser. In this scenario, you need to check earthing first. In the case of bad earthing many appliances give an electric shock. It is always better to check. If there is no fault in the earthing and still the geyser giving shock then the heating element may have cracks inside. It is always better to call a concerned customer care or an authorized technician.  

Repair or Bring New One

If the problem is minor that can be fixed easily, it is good to repair. But if your geyser is giving shock or more than 10 years then considering the safety risks and long-term electricity charges it is better to buy new one.

Never try to fix any serious faults yourself. It is always best to approach professional technicians to get the best geyser repair services. If your geyser does not heat water or is facing some other problems, then you can call a technician through MyLA.

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