Hair Styles For Women

Hairstyles for women according to their facial structure.

A haircut is very important to define a person’s look. It is the first thing a person notices, and hence it is very important to get a good haircut. Now, a good haircut depends on a lot of different things. Fashion, style, and most importantly, your facial structures contribute a lot to getting a perfect haircut for you. So you can check out these various facial structures and decide which hairstyle you want this season.

Round face shape Hairstyle

Round face shape

Your face looks a bit fuller, and you need to complement the roundness of your face with the help of your hairstyle. People with curly hair should keep their hair long. Mostly long hair looks good on these types of facial structures. If you want to experiment with a short haircut, then a defined pixie cut with side-swept bangs will be the perfect look to go for. 

Oval face shape

Almost any hairstyle looks good on individuals with the oval face shape. Try not to add height to the hair as the face is long; it might look odd. You can go for a long wavy hairstyle with sweeping fringe that adds volume width-wise and frames the face well. A blunt cut almost always complements this face type; however, you can try almost every kind of hairstyle with an oval face. You can also go for a bob cut with minimal layers. A blowout soft curls with shoulder-length curls. Those with the oval face can be fairly experimental with their hairstyles. 

Elongated face shape

This is similar to the oval face shape, only longer. As mentioned previously, one must avoid a hairstyle that adds height to the hair, making a face look longer, which is already long. With this face structure, anything adds height to the face as it is already long. Go with a haircut that adds some width & roundness to the overall look of the face. The highlight of the elongated face shape also happens to be its weakness, the length; hence one must be careful when choosing the hairstyle. You can go for a side-parted bob-cut ending just below the chin. You can also go for long beachy waves. While you can be experimental with your hairstyle, you must note that any hairstyle that adds further length to your face is a no-no.

Square face shape

This face is fairly angular, and those with the square face have a fairly wide face. Ideally, one with this face shape should sport hairstyles that take the attention from your strong jawline. You can opt for a hairstyle with curls or waves. A long layered hairstyle also looks good on the square face type. You can also try a layered bob cut with subtle bangs or a shoulder-length feathery layered hairstyle. Ones with this face shape should try and avoid keeping their hair short.

Rectangle face shape

The people with this face structure have a strong jawline, and they should opt for a haircut that complements the jawline. This face shape is similar to the square face shape but is longer. Those with the Rectangle face shape can go for a layered bob with side fringe or shoulder-length hair with blowout curls. You can also opt for a bold wavy hairstyle with lots of layers reaching the cheekbones and the chin if you have long hair. Remember not to add any further length to the face while picking a hairstyle.

Diamond face shape

With these types of facial structures, your cheekbones are the widest point in your face. The attention needs to be drawn away from the narrower head and pointed chin. Curls are the best way to give the illusion of cutting the length balancing the chin. Layered soft waves are the perfect hairstyle for this face shape. You can also opt for curly hair not swept away from the face. You can avoid the one-length bob with a blunt fringe.

Heart face shape

With this kind of face structure, your forehead is the focal point. You have to draw attention to eyes and cheekbones instead. Fringe works wonders with this face shape. Flowy hair reaching your face chin also frames the face well. It would be best to avoid heavy, short bangs and angular bobs. You can go for long layered hair with layers breaking at cheekbones and chin.

These are various facial structures with different hairstyles you can try. While bangs are the most popular hairstyle and almost everyone loves it, you must look for hairstyles that complement your face structure. Also, know that experimentation is key, and one can sport different hairstyles at different times of the year. 

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