Most Common AC Problems and Solutions

Most Common AC Problems and Their Solutions

AC is one of the basic and most important home appliances in every house. It keeps the room cool when the room temperature is hot. So, it is mandatory in summer. AC is being modified since the beginning. With the use of advanced technology, many changes have come in AC. According to, there are different models of Air Conditioners available in the market.

Repairs and issues are very common in AC. as we keep using and as the days pass on some or other issues many raise in AC. Let’s see some of the common problems in AC:

Indoor water leaks

Sometimes the water will be leaked from the AC onto the walls. Due to this the wall gets stains and looks dirty. The reason for this is condensate pipe is clogged because of algae or fungi. So, when this pipe is clogged the water in the pipe comes into the home. This can be fixed by a professional AC technician. And also, we can unclog the pipe using the dry or wet vacuum.


Dirty AC filter

AC filter keeps the airflow fresh and free from air pollutants and dust. If this filter is dirty or clogged the airflow is restricted and it reduces the efficiency of AC. due to this, the room will be cooled very slowly. So, these filters should be checked often or according to the user manual. AC filters should be cleaned properly to ensure clean airflow.

Fan failure

The unit which is set up outside the home contains a fan. This fan is a very important part of the whole air conditioner system. This fan transfers the heat in the room to outside and allows the room to cool. If the fan doesn’t work properly then the transfer of heat doesn’t take place. This is a huge problem. Then we should check the wiring or check for any loose component. It is better to call an expert or professional technician to fix the fan issue.


Frozen evaporator coil

Sometimes we observe that AC might not be on. This is due to the frozen evaporator coil. When the AC doesn’t get proper air for smooth conditioning, then the evaporator coil freezes. This may lead to improper functioning and sometimes AC may turn off. This requires a professional to check and defrost the frozen evaporator coil.


Not blowing cool air

This issue often raises with every AC. there are two situations where we find this issue. One, we observe that AC is running but no cool air is passing. The second is that AC will be running but the air will not be passing. This can be fixed by a technician where he checks the blower belt and the circuit.

Bad odor from the AC

Sometimes a burning smell comes from the AC or sometimes a bad odor will be released from AC. this indicates danger or major issue in the AC system. The burning smell is because of the wiring issues or overheating of the system. The strange odd smell is because of dirty filters and drainage.

These are some of the basic problems or repairs that raise in the air conditioner. Along with these basic repairs, some other difficult issues also may rise like electronic control failure, sensor problems, etc. instead of trying DIYs, calling a professional is suggestable.

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Split AC Service and Repair Price Window AC Service and Repair Price
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AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.0 Ton Rs1,999 Window AC DRY Servicing Rs444
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.5 Ton Rs2,299 Window AC WET Servicing Rs499
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.0 Ton Rs2,449 AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.0 Ton Rs1,599
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.5 Ton Rs2,899 AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.5 Ton Rs1,899
Split AC Fixing | Installation Rs1,449 AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.0 Ton Rs2,099
Split AC Un-Installation Rs599 AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.5 Ton Rs2,299
Split AC Stabilizer Fitting Rs299 Window AC Fixing | Installation Rs599
New Socket Fixing for Split AC Rs299 Window AC Un Installation Rs299
Pipe Fittings | Wiring | Upon Inspection | Visiting Charges Applicable Rs129 New Socket Fixing for Split AC Rs299
    Pipe Fittings | Wiring | Upon Inspection | Visiting Charges Applicable Rs129

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