How to Manage Your Home Without Maids/House Help

How to Manage Your Home Without Maids/House Help

Managing your house without a helper can be tiring. If you are solely dependent on a maid or house help for chores, you will have a tough time getting things done properly and on time. However, if you are in the habit of doing certain chores yourself, you can manage the household fairly well.

Nowadays, with both the parents working and children attending online classes and other activities, we feel a need to hire house help and are highly dependent on house help, and in the absence of house help, things can start to fall apart. Nothing to worry about when we have some easy tips to ensure your home stays sparkly clean without any paid help. 

Make a pattern

Never clean the surfaces willy-nilly. Suppose you use a consistent pattern for cleaning things; you will not waste any time finding spots you missed on the first go. Professionals go from right to left and top to bottom to ensure they instantly get their job done. 

Reduce your dishwashing task

Dishwashing is an essential task in our daily life. When you cook, you might have dirty dishes to clean. Thus, the simple hack is reducing dishes to clean.

Are you looking to reduce your dishwashing task, follow the given steps

  • Avoid taking out unnecessary cutlery when cooking.
  • Use just one or two utensils for your entire cooking process.
  • Clean dishes while cooking to save time.
  • Clean the dishes right after its been used, this way you avoid them from piling on for later.

Do small clean up daily

Cleaning daily may appear counterintuitive if you look to simplify your household chores. However, this can’t be further from the truth. Doing a bit of cleaning every day means you will never need to spend several hours doing chores and cleaning your entire weekend.

Not just that, but doing regular cleaning will feel less exhausting and overwhelming. And makes it simple to fit into your busy schedule. Also, you can plan the week in a way where certain days are dedicated to certain cleaning rituals.

Carry a caddy

You can save time by putting all the cleaning items in one caddy that can be carried everywhere in your house. This way, you would not need to stop and grab something. Lower the cleaning products you need to carry by purchasing products that can be used for multiple things, such as an all-purpose cleaner to disinfect your bathroom and kitchen or a wood cleaner that can be used for floors and furniture. 

Establish a set routine

Establishing a routine is one of the first steps toward getting organised when doing chores. Creating a weekly chart where certain tasks are dedicated to certain days makes life simpler; for example, vacuuming can be left for the weekend, cleaning windows can be done once or twice a week, etc. This way, you not only make time for other things in life but also are more efficient in getting the house to look spick and span. 

Get your family involved

Getting everyone involved can save a lot of time and make things fun. Find tasks to delegate to your family members and hold them responsible for their completion. Assign simpler tasks like picking up their toys, cleaning their dishes, etc., to your kids if you are a parent.

Ask everybody in the family to come ahead and assist you in your task. However, ensure that clear directions are given, as, without that, things can go wrong. 

Plan your grocery shopping

Consider buying your groceries smartly. certain things that are in use daily can be bought in bulk as this would not have you running to the store every week to replenish your stock, and this way, you can also save money. Things  

Arrange things at its place after use

One small hack that can avoid endless cluttering in your home & finding things in their designated area is placing them in the right place after using them. Picking things and keeping them anywhere can lead to certain things getting misplaced and making your house messy. To avoid extra chores, ensure to keep things in the right place, de-clutter the workstation, and make your bed after you get up. 

Final Words

It is undoubtedly an added responsibility to maintain your home without house help, but it isn’t very tough if you have it planned out properly and roles assigned to the rest of your family members. Planning within your required time is important to complete the household chores. Also, you do not feel like doing all the cleaning. For those times, you can hire Professional Deep Cleaning Services from

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