General Vastu Tips For Home

8 General Vastu Tips For Home

When you walk into your house and there is positive energy emanating from every corner, that’s when you feel at home. Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian architectural system that can help you build the perfect house that aligns with your spiritual as well as special needs. Unfortunately, we no longer live in an age where we can design our own homes, when we entrust our homes in the hands of contractors, they often get too busy to build every house according to Vastu. Here are 8 basic Vastu tips for home.

Vastu Tips For Home

The Entrance

Vastu For Entrance

The main door or entrance is of utmost importance under Vastu. The main door is not only the entry point for you but also for energy and vibrations. It is very important that the main door faces either the north, east, or northeast direction. This will let maximum positive energy to enter your home. Every time you step out you will be facing the north or east direction which will help you succeed in whatever you set out to do. Some more tips for the entrance are to make the door out of good quality wood, make sure it is well-lit, and make sure there are no water-centric decorations next to it.

The Living Room

The main room of your house, the place you will entertain guests, where you will spend time with your family, and the room whose Vastu can change your day-to-day life. The living room should be clutter-free. The front of the living room should be towards the north or east with the furniture placed towards the south or west end of the room. This simple change can eliminate any and all Vastu dosh.



The placement of the staircase decides the peace and harmony in your home. Placing it towards the northeast zone can wreak havoc in your life. For perfect peace and harmony, the staircase should be in the southwest direction. Other directions might work for you but check with a Vastu expert first.

The Bedroom

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

The Vastu of your bedroom decides your health and the health of your relationship with your partner. If the bedroom is in the northeast direction, it can cause health issues and the southeast can cause fights between you and your partner. The bedroom should be in the southwest direction with the bed placed in the room’s southwest corner. Dim lighting and aromatic soils can be used to make your bedroom feel cozy.

Bathroom & Toilet

Vastu Tips For Bathroom-Toilet

One should not ignore the bathroom when it comes to Vastu. It is the outlet for all the negative energies in your house. The toilet window should face east or north. Make sure your bathroom does not share a wall with the kitchen or pooja room. The washbasin along with the mirror should be towards the east or north direction. Light pastel shades are best for the bathroom, one could opt for cooler colors like blue or grey.

General Vastu Tips


With all the buzz around asymmetric room shapes and curved walls it might seem tempting but as per vast the house should preferably be in a shape of a square or a rectangle. Keeping plants, aquariums and water paintings are important for positive energy in your house, but placement of these items are crucial. Heavy furniture like bed and cupboards that are made out of wood should be kept in the south-west direction.

Don’ts For Vastu

There are somethings that attract negative energy and these objects being in your house can put a damper on your life. Broken objects for example induce melancholy in the residents. Artwork that depicts sunsets, shipwrecks, crying children and other negative subjects are bad too. Artificial plants, yes they are easier to maintain and are less messy but keeping them in your house decreases the positive energy in your house.


Vastu Tips For window

Windows like doors are important entry points for positive energy and exit points for negative energy. For this reason, circulation is very important, air should be able to flow through the house with ease. Well placed windows opposing the doors of rooms are a good way to ensure proper air circulation.

Vastu is not about absolutes, the only way to make sure your home follows the system of vastu shastra is to consult a vastu specialist. Your life assistant MyLA can help you with this, book vastu consultation at MyLA. Pick a time of your comfort and book a consultation, get the best advice from vastu experts. Our pricing is unmatched anywhere else so not only is it good for your house but also for your wallet.

Positive energy is so important, we want to do everything in our power to maximize it. Vastu is a great tool we can use to make a house feel like a home. Follow these vastu tips for home or go the extra mile and get a consultation to make sure you and your family are as happy as they can be.

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