7 Best Winter Makeup Tips

7 Best Makeup Tips For Winter Season

Don’t we all love winter, the cool breeze, waking up in warm blankets, hot coffee, finally whip out those jackets stuck in the back of the closet, etc. There is so much to love about winter but one thing we don’t love about it is what it does to our skin: dry and flaky skin, chapped lips, and clumpy makeup. Let’s say goodbye to all these problems this winter with these 7 best makeup tips.

Perfect Winter Makeup Tips

Face Masks


Facemasks are your best friend when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated and moist. Some facemasks also have special ingredients that protect you from the harsh chills of winter. A sheet mask once a week for 5-15 minutes can make all the difference. They also give you a great opportunity to snap out of your busy life and take 10 mins for yourself every week, the mental health benefits themselves are worth doing it.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation

With your skin already being dry and flaky the last thing you want to put on it is some sort of powder. It will accumulate in clumps on the skin and lead to a cakey finish. A good liquid foundation will be absorbed into your skin. A dewy finish foundation has oils and hydrating properties so can help with your dryness, plus who doesn’t love a dewy look  A great combo is a moisturizer plus foundation if you have really dry skin, this trick will have your skin glowing all winter long.

Lip Balm


Chapped lips can break even the most amazing outfit, in order to avoid that make sure to always have lip balm or Chapstick on you. The best tip for dry lips this winter is to put on a semi-thick layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your lips before you sleep. You will wake up to butter-soft lips which will stay moist all day long.

Neutral Eye Shadow


The number one tip every Indian influencer tells you, during the winter months stick to neutral eye shadow. Winter is not the time for bright and colorful eyeshadow, when you go for more neutral tones it really ties your whole look together and matches the general vibe making you look that much better.

Know When To Moisturize


Everyone knows it’s vital to moisturize but a tip from many famous stylists tells you to moisturize right after your hot shower as your skin is most prepared to take in the moisturizer at that moment. The steam from the shower opens up the pores and gets it primed for good quality and long-lasting moisturizer.

Blush & Bronzer


Winter can really suck the soul and beauty straight off your face as you look pale and ashen. This a great time for some rosy cheeks. Use pink or peach blush on your cheeks and help bring some life back to your face. Bronzer can do the same as it brings so much warmth to your face making it look instantly healthier.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate


This all comes back to dry skin. Exfoliating with a mild exfoliator all over your face and neck can help remove all the dead skin cells bringing so much life back to your skin. This helps your makeup go on smoother. This simple makeup tip can be a lifesaver.

These are 7 best makeup tips to apply during the winter. You can also explore some of the easy-to-do makeup for winter parties to make winter as good as spring. Winter is especially hard on your skin but with the right preparation and products, your skin can still thrive in the cold. What more are you waiting for, go and try these tips out yourself and be the belle of the ball.

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