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The Importance of Keeping Kids Active in Their Summer Holidays

Summer breaks can be a great time to make a strong bond with your children. But at the same time, it can also be a stressful time when your kids can misbehave because they are bored or don’t know any better. It is always best to have prepared yourself with a little bit of advanced planning for the summer holidays so that you can keep the little ones out of mischief.   

Once the summertime holidays have started in most schools, parents frantically try to find online summer camps to keep busy their children. As the covid-19 lockdown is ongoing it is not possible for the parents to indulge their kids in outdoor activities during the summertime break. In view of the current situation where staying house and maintaining the social distancing norms may be the solution that is better especially for the small children that are most subjected to this lethal virus.

It is a known reality and research has proven that extracurricular activities help in overall growth. A kid can be thinking about more than one task simultaneously such as singing alongside dance, movie theater, or activities. This is usually a win-win situation because it will help to make the youngster Future prepared and skilled for the twenty-first century for them along with the moms and dad.

Aided by the ongoing situation that is lockdown it is crucial for the children to use their break to indulge in enjoyable and productive tasks.    

Summer vacation coming up: Keep your child busy in their holidays

Whenever you’re a young child, the summer holidays would be the highlight of the season. It’s the right time for no homework, lie-ins, and six-whole-weeks of accomplishing absolutely nothing. But that absolutely nothing comes at a price. Frequently, parents have actually dilemmas maintaining their young ones busy and active – especially when they’re at the job for hours.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many parents wonder what this summer will look like for their children. This summer vacation let your kids explore new things and keep having fun. Here’s what you can do and how you can engage your children during the summer holidays.

Hide the remote

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation children between eight and eighteen spend nearly four hours every day in front of the television, and two hours which are additional front of another display screen. It’s a way that is not hard having them quiet. But, way too much television can lead to childhood obesity and wayward behavior.

Instead, you should limit your children’s time while watching TV and try to keep them busy with exercise. It helps build muscles, enhances stability, and ensures children keep a healthy weight.

Yoga During Summer Vacation

Practice and Teach Yoga

One of the simplest and healthiest things you can do with your children is always to make them practice Yoga daily. This is great for improving overall health and keeps the energy levels high a necessity over these times!

It is also a fantastic possibility to show your kids the significance of having great health. They’ll continue to be healthy each of their life if they figure out how to follow the discipline young.

Learn a new Language

Knowing more than one language can be really beneficial. It will open up perspectives that are new to your kids. It increases the number of people you can communicate with and makes your brain work faster.

Make your own games

Make availability of coloured cards, children’s scissors, such a thing and glue, and anything else you may require to make some fun games. Games like marble bowling, Snakes and Ladders, chess, or pin the Tail on the Donkey could all be easily made in the home that can keep the young children occupied for a while.

Yoga Kids


Among the nicest ways to show your creativity and express your inner experiences and visions is to use paint on paper. You can collect rocks and paint them, and turn them into pet rock or garden ornaments.


Encourage your kids to draw whatever they saw around them and make the things like sketch pads, colors, and pencils available for them. Your kids will have so much fun and want to make it regular.

Kid Reading

Encourage your child to read

One of the best ways to ensure your kids develop the habit of reading is by letting them read what they find enjoyable. For kids, comic books can be great reading material. Then you can slowly give them short stories to read.  

Have a treasure hunt

You can hide things somewhere within the yard and make a treasure map with some clues to find treasure. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big. Any little treat may be exciting when it is found out of your home.

Kids Cooking

Do Some Cooking and Baking

You can plan for a cooking day once or twice a week. Involve the small children in the process from the beginning and allow them to choose from a choice of meals that you have ingredients for. If your child can read, get them a recipe guide. You can help your child to work through the instructions and step-by-step. Try to avoid the urge of accomplishing it yourself.  

Music and Dancing

Children love to move around and make noise. Music and dancing are fun activities. But, did you know that it’s also an important part of their growth and development? Playing music, singing, and dancing are part of a child’s process of growing up and learning.  

Enter into jewellery generating

Visit a bead stock and shop up on beads, cable and clasps, and acquire busy making your jewellery. This activity can be carried out with all the smallest of kids, you need to be certain to get bead that is suitable for various age ranges. The children are therefore proud to wear the jewellery they have made.

Kid Swimming


Your child’s brain is much like a sponge; they truly are taking in information left, right and centre, and will become bored without the possibility to do so. A mind that is stimulated a better memory, a more positive mood, increased concentration and boosted inspiration and self-esteem.

The way that is better to do this is to alternate between brain and body exercises. Swimming is just a fantastic example. Kids can exercise coordination and certainly will have fun whilst learning some valuable life.

Involve Child in Household Chores

Ask your child to assist you in your household chores. Children like to just take duties especially when they’re considered younger than what they are allotted to do. You can engage them in folding clothes, arranging books and toys, drying utensils and plates, and several other household works. This will not only help them stay busy, they will also learn cleanliness and stay in the discipline.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to easy and inexpensive ways to create summer fun for your kiddos. Try to find activities and if possible help your children to improve their skills by joining related classes and courses.

Core Benefits of keeping children busy in creative activities through summer break

  • All these activities will help children to learn new things and improve their skills.
  • Help parents spend quality time with their little ones and keep that bonding strong.
  • Help parents to figure out the creative inclinations of their kids.
  • Help in boosting a child’s creativity, and critical thinking.
  • Learn new skills or even subjects, from arts to architecture.
  • Carving time for “active play”
  • Continuing education in the holidays

Summer vacations are going to start in schools. But it won’t be a long time before a parent hears those dreaded words from their kids – “I’m bored”. But, with a bit of planning, summer vacations can be the best time for your family.  

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