Effective Post-Party Cleaning Tips

Quick & Effective Post-Party Cleaning Tips

You’ve thrown the social event of the season. You played the perfect host and everyone had a great time and so did you. You’ve declined any offers to help you clean. But now you are standing in your house and it looks hideous. Glasses here and there, plates with food on them, chips packets lying about, spilled food on your sofa, and a weirdly sticky rug. The thought of cleaning all this up has you throwing up. You are way too tired to do it tonight. Does this sound familiar? If yes this blog is for you. Here are some effective post-party cleaning tips to make the process easier on yourself. That is if you aren’t choosing us to do it for you.

Post-Party Cleaning Tips

Collect All The Garbage

Collect all the garbage

This is the first step, no matter how tired you are take a big garbage bag and throw in any garbage you see. Any chips packets, used tissues, disposable cups, and plates, throw any food on plates in too. This will immediately help make the house look less dreadful.

Let Your Dishes Soak

Let your dishes soak

Washing icky dry plates and dishes is everyone’s worst nightmare. Collect all the plates, glasses, and other dishes that need to be washed. Plug up your sink and fill it with some water and add some dishwashing liquid before dropping all your dishes in there. Take a couple of buckets if your sink can’t hold everything. Now you can go get some well-deserved rest and sleep.

Wash The Soaked Dishes

Wash the soaked dishes

First thing in the morning starts with your dishes. As they have soaked overnight it should be easy and the least daunting task. It’ll also remove this clutter letting you move around freely. This is the most effective clean-up tip for post-party as it changes the way you view the day after the party. Doing steps 1 and 2 will leave your house looking much better the next morning and starting off with a simple but tedious task puts you on the track to success and will be less mentally taxing.

Spot Cleaning


It’s time to deal with the stains and sticky surfaces. No matter what it is the best way to treat it safely is to make yourself a homemade cleanser. Put 1 part vinegar with 2 parts lemon oil or lemon juice in a spray bottle and dilute it a bit. Spray down the spot you want to clean and use a clean absorbent washcloth to rub and blot out any stains. After finishing all the spots you can use the slightly damp cloth in your hand to rub down your furniture and clean them.

Vacuum Sweep & Mop

Vacuum sweep and mop

It is easy to vacuum and clean. Removing stubborn stains and scratches is the tricky part. No more is that a problem as this natural floor cleaner is used on many types of floors including tile, vinyl, and hardwood. Mix in 2 cups of baking soda & 4 tablespoons distilled vinegar; Pour into Spray a little on the floor first, then wipe it off. When finished, rinse the mop and go to the floor again with a damp mop.

If this sounds like too much and the opposite of how you want to spend your Sunday after an amazing party on Saturday then you can rely on your personal assistant MyLA. We offer after-party cleaning services and have a team of professionals who will leave your house looking better than ever. The competitive pricing makes the deal that much better. The services are quality assured and you can count on them to clean every nook and cranny. It is incredibly easy to book an appointment for the morning after the party. Why does all the work yourself when you can have someone else do it for you?

House parties are the best, the comfort of your home combined with the social fun of a party. What’s not to love? The cleaning the day after the party. With these 5 easy post-party cleaning tips (and the 6th tip that save you from all the work) hopefully the day after the party goes a little easier for you. Remember to not give up and get it all done by the end of the next day because we all know, if it doesn’t get done one day after the party, it never gets done.

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