how to use geyser

How to use geyser properly to reduce electricity bill

How to use geyser?

Water geysers require a lot of energy to heat water. Geyser consumes a lot of energy and can often shoot up your electricity bill. Worried about how to use geyser effectively? No need to worry. We can save you from paying high electricity bills.

Simple tips are given below on how to use water heater geyser:

Don’t keep the water heater on for a long time

Many people keep the water geyser on all the time. This leads to a lot of wastage of electricity. And, this is the reason that the electricity bill shoots up. Make sure that you switch off your geyser once the desired temperature of water is reached. Use the geyser only when you need it. Don’t keep it on unnecessarily.(source)

Choose a right sized geyser –

Thinking how to use water geyser? Well, always select the size of the geyser as per your requirement. Choose it in accordance with the size of your family and consumption requirement. An oversized geyser consumes more electricity and can shoot up your electricity bill.

Select star rated heaters

5 star rated geysers consume less electricity. Energy efficient geysers can reduce your electricity bill to a great extent. So, it is always advised to buy star rated geysers in order to prevent high electricity bills. 

Set geyser timer

Setting a timer is also one of the best ways to save electricity. The geyser timer reduces the on time of your geyser. This way unnecessary electricity consumption can be avoided. Wastage of electricity can also be prevented. 

Get energy saving upgrades

You can install solar panels at your place. They can save electricity for your geyser to a great extent. Solar panels have the ability to store absorbed energy for a long period of time. It can save 200kw each month.

Geyser power consumption

Is your geyser costing you a high electricity bill? Thinking how many units does a geyser use?  Planning your strategy on how to use geyser? Want to know what can be the factors for excessive geyser power consumption? Well, we can help you with all the information you need. Have a look at the points mentioned below:

 Factors affecting power consumption of geyser :

  There are many factors that affect the power consumption of geysers. Following is a list of  some of them:

1. Type and condition of your geyser – 

 The amount of energy consumption depends a lot on the type of geyser you use. If you use a star rated geyser, your electricity consumption will be less. If you use a geyser that is very old, it might take time to heat water. There are chances that it will consume more electricity.

2. Amount of water consumption- 

The more hot water you need, the more will be the geyser usage. And more geyser use can mean more power consumption.

3. How often the geyser is used-

 If you use the geyser many times throughout the day, there will be more electricity consumption by it. 

How to reduce geyser electricity consumption?

how much electricity does a geyser use per hour

Thinking about how to use geysers in the best way? Are high electricity bills troubling you? Thinking how much electricity does geyser use per hour?

Well, you can follow the geyser use guide given below. No more worries now.

Avoid standing losses – 

Try to prevent the heat loss through the surface of the geyser. If there is no standing loss, turning on the geyser again and again won’t be required. This will save energy and help you in reducing your electricity bill.

Check the volume of hot water used –

This is a very important factor when it comes to geyser electricity usage. The more hot water you need, the more electricity power you will use.

Always check the thermostat temperature –

Wondering how to set your geyser timer? Well,  make sure that the thermostat temperature is at 60 degrees. 

Does turning the geyser off save electricity?

Are you wondering about how to use geyser? Thinking about the best way to save electricity while using your geyser? Do you think switching off the geyser when not in use can save electricity? Do you have any idea how geyser works?  Well, we can help you with the answers.

Now, there are two points to keep in mind while dealing with the question whether to switch off geyser or not:

1. If you switch off your geyser, the electrical element will fail to function. The element will not be able to set temperature .  However, you will be able to save energy and electricity.

2. When you switch off your geyser, the water inside loses heat. When you will turn on your geyser again, it will require more energy to heat the water again to the required temperature. 

Actually, there is a lot of debate on the issue of switching off the geyser. One thing that you should keep in mind is that potential saving depends on the type of your geyser. 

How to use geyser water heater efficiently?

how to heat water in geyser

A geyser is basically like a big kettle or container that has an electric element inside it. It also consists of a thermostat which keeps the water inside the geyser at a specific temperature. This temperature can be manually set. Suppose, your thermostat is set to 60 degrees and the water drops below that temperature. Then, the electric element inside your geyser will be activated. It will remain active unless the temperature returns to 60 degrees. 

When you turn on your hot water tap, hot water leaves the geyser. It is replaced with cold water. Again, the element is activated for the process of water heating. 

Can we use geyser water for babies?

Yes, ofcourse, you can use geyser water for babies. You can learn how to use geyser for a baby’s use. Make  sure that the temperature is suitable for the child. The ideal water temperature for a baby’s use can be 37 or 38 degrees. The water should feel warm and comfortable. (source)

How Much Time Geyser TakesTo Heat Water?

Are you thinking how much time will the use of geyser cost you for heating water?Well, there are various kinds of geysers and each of them take different amounts of time to heat water. A gas heater takes 30 to 40 minutes to fully heat up the water. An electric heater can take about an hour to heat up the water in its tank. Tankless heaters take no time to heat up the water. They can provide a limitless amount of hot water. (source)

How to set temperature in geyser for saving time

The temperature in your geyser can be set with the help of a thermostat. It can help you to solve your problem of how to use geysers.

Learn the use of thermostat in geyser

The function of the thermostat of your geyser is to keep the temperature of  water at a desirable level. It automatically cuts the power supply after that. Make sure that the temperature range is between 40-75 degree celsius. Most of the geysers have a thermostat setting of 60 degrees or high.

Now, in some geysers the thermostat controls are visible. You have the option to change the temperature settings. While in some water heaters, thermostats have a predefined setting. The water heaters have red and green lights to indicate whether the heating process is on or off.

However, the thermostat does not completely switch off the electricity supply. It suspends the supply of electricity to the geyser. Thus, switch off your geyser when you are not using it.

Always set the temperature of your geyser at 60 degrees or more. This will take less time to heat water. When water is heated upto this temperature, it is perfect to use. 

Therefore, you should make sure that the thermostat setting is at the right level. This will prevent excess heating and also save electricity consumption. Electricity consumption can prevent excessive electricity bills.

How geyser works?

Have you ever thought about how your geyser works? What are the factors responsible for geyser’s electricity consumption?  Well, we have a lot of information to share with you. Learn how to use geyser with us. But first we need to know about the different types of geyser and geyser uses. And also, you’ll get to know which geyser has electricity saving capacity. (source)

Types of geyser and how they work

Now, there are two broad categories of geysers and we have discussed them in detail below:


  • Now, tank type geysers are basically storage water heaters  that have a tank to store hot water. The temperature of  water in the geyser  remains constant. This is because of the automatic thermal control in it. 
  • The main advantage of this type of geyser is that it is highly affordable. Also, it can work in areas where there is less electricity usage. It is a great option if you wish to save your electricity.
  • They have insulated walls and keep the inner water warm.
  • It has low maintenance and repair cost and requires draining twice a year. It is also adapted to solar applications.
  • Tank water heaters are of two types. They are gas tank water heaters and electric water heaters. These types of water heaters get adjusted to various power circuits.


This type of geyser does not have a tank. They are tankless water heaters.

How to switch on the geyser?

These types of geysers have a heating element. They also have an internal piping and thermal control function. The heating option begins when you press the button for hot water. They supply water only when needed.

Wondering how many units of electricity does geyser use?

Well, tankless geysers occupy less area. They are more energy efficient as well and use energy only when needed. They provide endless quantities of water as per your requirement. Therefore, they save your electricity consumption by utilising very less units.

Some more types of geysers

Gas geyser

 Gas geysers make use of liquid petroleum gas. These geysers can supply unlimited hot water. Usually, large families use this kind of geyser. There are two types of gas geysers and they are as follows:

Instant geyser

 These geysers have small storage capacities and are best for small families. They are suitable for use because they have high heating rates. They can provide hot water instantly. 

Storage gas geyser-

Large families prefer the storage gas geyser. It is easy to operate and repair and doesn’t require electricity.

Gas geyser settings –

 Are you wondering how to heat water in geyser? Well, gas geysers work by making use of a gas burner. This burner is located below a big tank from where the heated water is delivered. At first, in the course of heating, pressure accumulates in the geyser which is discharged by a pressure valve. 

So, in a gas geyser, you can control the level and rate of heating. The heating takes place steadily and supports power consumption. Also, it is very easy to repair a gas geyser. You do not need electricity to use a gas geyser. However a gas geyser can have various disadvantages:

  • Gas geysers cause pollution as they release carbon monoxide in the air in the course of burning LPG.
  • They require additional space.

Electrical geyser-

How to use electric geyser?

 Electric geysers are considered convenient to use. They have copper coils in them that convert electrical energy into heat energy. They are compact in design. You can install an electric geyser anywhere. They can heat water in a very less period of time.  They never run out of hot water. The heating element inside the geyser is responsible for the continuous flow of water. There are two types of electric geysers and they are as follows:(source)

Electrical instant geyser-

– They have no storage tank and heats water instantly. You can switch them on during usage and switch them off when hot water is not needed. 

– There is a continuous flow of hot water.

– These instant geysers don’t take much space and can fit in a limited area.

– These geysers are very durable.

How to use instant geyser – Working of instant geyser

 First of all, they need a certain amount of flow rate  to activate its heating unit. When you turn on the hot water tap, cold water enters the tank and activates its heating unit. This rapidly heats the heat exchanger as the water runs through it. The heated up water goes into the outlet pipe. Now, this outlet pipe is connected to the hot water tap.

When you turn off the tap, an instant geyser will not heat the water. It will go into a standby mode. It will start operating again if you turn on the hot water tap. Thus, these geysers need to be kept on only when you’re using them. This way they can help you save a lot of electricity.

Electrical storage geyser

This geyser is large in size and can occupy a large space.The water in this kind of geyser can take more time to heat. There is a possibility that it can consume a little extra electricity.

Working of electrical storage geyser –

 A storage water geyser has an inlet. It draws cold water into the tank through this inlet. There is an outlet which is connected to the faucets which gives out hot water. This geyser uses electricity to heat the reservoir. This geyser also has insulated walls which prevent the heat from evading.

Now, when it comes to electricity consumption, some suggest that it is convenient to choose a small electrical instant geyser. It consumes less electricity when compared to others. So, you can use this type of geyser in order to prevent excess electricity consumption.


Thus, if you wish to reduce your electricity bill, you need to use a geyser which is energy efficient. Also, go through the points mentioned above that deal with the ways to prevent power consumption by a geyser. It will help you from high electricity bills.

Happy electricity saving to you!


How to switch on geyser?

The method to switch on the geyser is simple. You need to turn on the control button and set the temperature to the desired setting.

How many watts does a geyser use?

It depends on the size and type of geyser. A general water heater may use around 4000 watts.

What is the ideal geyser temperature?

The convenient setting for a geyser is considered to be between 60 to 65 degrees.

What is the use of thermostat in geyser?

The main function of the thermostat is to keep the temperature of the geyser at a desired level. Once the level is achieved, it cuts off the power supply.

How long does a geyser take to heat water?

It depends on the type and size of geyser. Storage geysers may take a long time to heat water. An instant 1litre geyser takes about 1 or 2 minutes to heat water

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