Coronavirus Health Insurance

The Covid-19 (nCoV) disease has affected millions of people worldwide. In India, more than 55,000 people have tested positive of this disease (as on 08th May, 2020). It has now become a matter of great concern for vastly populated country.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has been in the news for months now. Having a Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) health insurance in the form of a protective cover is essential in this current situation when there are uncertainty and possible health risks. It helps you to deal with any medical emergency due to various illnesses including COVID-19. 

Is coronavirus covered under your existing health insurance policy? 

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on 12 March 2020 the current COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Will medical insurance policies still provide coverage for COVID-19? Irdai has notified that all current mediclaim policies in India will cover Covid-19 hospitalisation. The existing policies covering hospitalization will continue to cover coronavirus related hospitalization. For new policies there is normally a waiting period of 30 days.

What do Covid-related health covers offer?

Insurers offering Covid coversCoverOther BenefitsRequirements to make claimExclusions/InclusionsAnnual PremiumShould you opt for it?
Star Health and Allied Insurance (Fixed Benefit)Rs 21,000/Rs 42,000 lump sumDependent kids can be covered with patientCovid + diagnosis by govt accredited test & hospitalization16-days waiting; 18-65 years; no travel history neededRs 459 & Rs 918May not be used in self-isolation or ICU/ventilator support
ICICI Lombard-True Balance (Fixed Benefit)Rs 25,000 lump sumHealth assistance, tele-consultation, ambulance aidCovid + diagnosis by govt accredited test; no hospitalization/ bill needed14-days waiting; overseas travel history required; 18-75 yearsRs 159Only if you are in a tier 2/3 city, have a low income and no cover

What is coved under Coronavirus Health Insurance Plan?

Find the list of inclusions under your covid-19 health insurance plan:

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Critical illness hospitalization
  • Accidental hospitalization
  • Daycare procedures
  • Ambulance and transportation costs
  • ICU Room rent
  • Organ donor expenses
  • Daily hospital cash
  • Home hospitalization
  • Recovery benefit

 Add-on Covers: Maternity benefit with newborn baby cover

What is not covered under Coronavirus Health Insurance Plan?

Not all medical insurance expenses are covered under your covid-19 health insurance plan. Here is the list of exclusions:

  • Home Quarantine
  • Non-recognized Quarantine Centre
  • Pre-Existing Diseases
  • Pre-Natal & Post Natal Expenses
  • Hospitalization without Doctor’s Recommendation

Despite the growing fears due to this outbreak of coronavirus, it is important to stay calm and take steps to avoid health risks by keeping yourself financially secured. Choose coronavirus health insurance and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

Stay safe and opt for a health insurance plan today. Most health insurance companies cover you against diseases caused by coronavirus outbreak that requires hospitalization. Star Health is one of the renowned insurance companies that cover Coronavirus under their health plans. Choose Care – Star Novel Coronavirus health insurance for you and your family that offers a wide range of coverage at the best premium.

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