Common Inverter Problems and Their Solutions

Common Reasons For Inverter Not Charging

Picture this it’s the FIFA finals, match goes into penalties and the current goes off. You aren’t worried because you have an inverter but to your surprise, the tv does go off as your inverter didn’t work. Have you ever experienced something like this? There is nothing more frustrating than your inverter not working.

Life without an inverter is so hard to imagine nowadays. Electricity is such an important part of our life, so important that the absence of it disrupts life. We depend on inverters to lead life undisrupted. Far too often we find that the inverter has let us down which brings our life to a stop. There could be a variety of reasons why the inverter is not charging or not working.

Here are a some common reasons for inverter not charging:

Loose Battery Connections

reasons for an inverter not charging battery

Loose battery connections can cause your battery to not charge properly on not at all. Check the battery terminals for corrosion or lose clamps. Clean all the corrosion and clamp the terminals ensuring a proper connection to fix this problem. If you are unable to clean or check the battery, take the help of someone who has done it before. This is the simplest reason why your inverter may not be working and should be your first check.

A Dead Battery

inverter charger not charging the batteries

This is the most common reason for your inverter not working. A dead battery means that its life cycle is over and there is no way to repair it. You can test if your battery is dead using a multimeter. Connect the terminals of the multimeter to the positive and negative of the battery, a working battery should produce 12-13v of energy for the exact number you can consult the user manual. If your battery is dead the only thing you can do is replace it. Beware that it will be quite expensive costing upwards of 7000 rupees. You can buy it online or find it in any nearby electrical shop. Hiring a professional to change the battery is advised.

Melted Fuses

Common inverter problems and their solutions

Fuses are your safety net, in cases of short-circuiting they will melt and cut off all power saving your appliances and yourself. Overuse of the appliance may be a cause for short-circuiting. Fuses are replaceable components of the electronic circuit. They are cheap to buy and a technician should be able to easily install them for you. While it is a relatively simple job it is better to be cautious and let a technician take care of it for you. This fixes your inverter battery issue at a low price.

Burnt Rectifiers

Rectifiers are an important part of the inverter as they convert the AC current into DC current. They may get burnt in some cases. It is caused due to overheating. Check if the fans of the inverter are working properly and if the internal circuitry is undamaged. Poor connections to the battery can cause burnt rectifiers too. A technician should be able to spot and fix this problem for you, as it is an internal part of the UPS it is not advised to try and solve this yourself.


If the alarm of your inverter is going off continuously switch off all devices and disconnect the inverter. As the inverter is overheating either due to a stuck fan or overuse. Give it a few minutes to cool down, the fans should start running properly again. The inverter is now safe to be reattached to the outlet and you can use it freely again.

Tripped Inverter

Why inverter is not getting charged

If many appliances are taking power from the inverter your inverter may not be able to handle the load and will switch itself off. You might be able to find an MCB or multiuse circuit breaker on the backside of your inverter. Make sure to disconnect all appliances before resetting them using the MCB or a dedicated reset button. The power should come back immediately. Make sure not to cross the power limit to stop this from happening again.

Inverters can last up to 10-15 years with the right care and proper use. Maximize your inverters life by looking for the above-mentioned 6 problems and addressing them as soon as possible. If you are not comfortable with electronics the best course of action is to hire an electrician, your life assistant MyLA can help you with that. MyLA offers home repair services for a fraction of the cost you might find outside. The technicians are professionals who will solve any problem you might be having with ease. Book an appointment with an electrician through MyLA and your inverter will be running better than ever.

If you live in a place where power cuts are often, an inverter is an essential appliance. Make sure that your inverter is functioning at its best as any problem when caught early can be solved easily and for a low cost. Inverters are an important part of the modern home and making sure it’s working is everyone’s priority.

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