Top 10 Christmas Foods and Snacks Ideas

Top 10 Christmas Food and Snacks Ideas

Is it that time of the year already? It feels like Diwali was yesterday but very soon is the festival we all love Christmas. Christmas is about cozy family time, coming together for dinners, opening gifts, playing games, singing songs, and eating some delicious food. Christmas is that holiday with which I strongly associate the smell of good food, the aroma of a plum cake fresh out of the oven, freshly brewed hot chocolate, and warm chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, the pandemic had put a stop to our fun for 2 years but this year is our chance to reclaim Christmas as the foodie’s holiday.

The holidays are the time of the year filled with family dinners and house parties, if you find yourself as the host this year, here are your top 10 Christmas food and snacks ideas to delight and impress your guests.

Most Popular Christmas Food and Snacks

Plum Cake


Who doesn’t love this traditional Christmas dessert? This rich, dense and moist cake can be quite a hassle to prepare but it is well worth it. The preparation starts weeks beforehand when you soak the plums and dry fruits if you would prefer to take the easy way out you can find it at your nearest grocery store. Although if you are going to buy, I do recommend you buy from a local bakery as the mass-produced cake does not compare to one that receives attention from human hands. Enjoy this delicious treat with your family as the perfect dessert for a hearty meal



Whether you fill it with potatoes and peas or Hakka noodles, samosas are here to stay for any family dinner. It is the perfect appetizer to serve out when your family is relaxing on the sofa. This hand-held appetizer has a special place in every Indian’s heart and is the best Indian snack for a Christmas party. Serve it with some hot and sweet ketchup to tantalize your guests.

Vegetarian Spring Roll


This lip-smacking finger food will make your guests swoon. It is a healthy and easy option for those of us counting calories. It is the best food for a Christmas party as you can make a large batch of it and everyone loves them. Serve them with a creamy or spicy dip of your choice.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Cheese

Stuffed mushroom caps with cheese

This contemporary treat has become a fan favorite in recent years due to its simplicity. It is an incredibly easy recipe that tastes better than the sum of its parts. Looking for some amazing Christmas food ideas to wow your loved ones with? These party foods and snack ideas are guaranteed to make your guests smile.



The delicious beverage that is intertwined with Christmas, you can’t have Christmas without eggnog and you can’t have eggnog without Christmas. A simple drink made using milk, cream, and eggs topped off with nutmeg and cinnamon giving it a heavenly taste. You can serve it hot or cold.

Roasted Chicken


The dish that goes right in the middle of the dining table. A delicious thyme and lemon roasted chicken is the perfect dish to serve your dinner party. While the traditional dinner is turkey, we can substitute for a chicken to match our palettes. It is also big enough to feed a lot of people till their pants get tight. You can serve it with a mushroom reduction to make it even more delicious



White sauce, red sauce, and pink sauce pick any color because all of them are scrumptious. You can also make it a pasta station giving your guests the option to choose the shape and sauce for the pasta. Otherwise, you can toss it in butter sauce with some corn, capsicum, and olives and serve it as a side to your roast chicken. Whatever way you choose, pasta is a delicious and versatile option for you to incorporate into your menu.

Christmas Cookies


Christmas cookies, or what I like to call them, little bundles of joy. These sugary sweet biscuits are perfect for the little ones and grown-ups alike. Even though it’s a time-consuming snack to make the process of making it brings the family together and fun, plus who doesn’t love a house that smells of freshly baked cookies?

Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding

This royal traditional dessert is so simple to make that a child can make it. A traditional Christmas pudding has 13 ingredients that represent Jesus and the 12 disciples. 13 ingredients are all you need to make a rich and flavorful dish. It will definitely be a fan favorite at your party

Apple Pie

Apple pie

Nothing says home like apple pie. A delicious apple pie with big chunks of apple and a beautiful crossed crust is unmatched. The symphony of flavors as the cinnamon meets the soft crunch of the apple and the sweetness is complimented perfectly by the salty crust. Even if you don’t try any other items from the list, this is a must-try. It is absolutely perfect, serve it warm with vanilla ice cream to make it even better.

A Christmas food list without mentioning the classics is a sin. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and raisin pudding is the corner stone to that magical Christmas dinner. Roast beef and ham are popular alternatives in other parts of the world. These meals were made to be enjoyed with your extended family, all crammed around a dining table. The joyful and merry aura around the table almost overshadows the delicious food. Let’s not forget all the fruit cakes and pies that rule the month of December. But if the classics are not to your taste or you are looking for contemporary alternatives for your Christmas party this list can help spice up this year’s dinner.

Pick and choose your favorite appetizer, entree, and dessert for the family dinner or focus just on the finger food to entertain your friends, the choice is yours. I’m sure with these ideas this holiday season will be a big hit for you. Just make sure it isn’t too good or else the hosting responsibilities will fall on your head every year.

Christmas is the time to appreciate all the loved ones god has given us. These party food ideas can help you keep your loved ones fed and happy. After all, nothing brings a smile to people’s faces like good food.

You can also explore some DIY Christmas decoration ideas for your home.

Merry Christmas!!

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