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Best Makeup Ideas to Attend Parties in Winter

Winter is here finally, and so is the festive season. One of the best things about winter is that it is a time of festivities. Several Indian festivals come along with this season, along with western ones. The festive season also means that one gets to attend a lot of parties. This is an opportunity for ladies to look their best.

Due to the pandemic at hand, the holiday season might seem a bit low, and one must work on keeping the festive spirit higher than ever. And attend parties to keep the spirit up! Put on some sassy clothes, ready-to-kill makeup, and get in the party mood. There are a lot of small parties and gatherings with families and friends during the festive season. Hence, during this time of the year, makeup becomes one of the most important things for ladies. 

While we talk about makeup, the problem with makeup is pretty much the same as anything else; too much of it might not look all that great. However, there are many easy and simple ways to look classy even with less makeup. Here are some simple ways to do makeup this winter. 

The Classy Red Lip

Class never goes out of style or fashion, and one of the most classy looks has been the red lip look. A streak of dark red lip colour on the lips, and you are almost ready to slay. This is one of the most popular looks, and it never gets old, and sometimes less is more. This look goes brilliantly with black attire but is also very versatile and can go along with pretty much every attire. It would help if you lined your lips with a red lip liner and then applied your favourite red shade on your lips. Keep your eyes neutral or apply some basic black eyeliner so that you stand out in the crowd.

Shimmer Eyes

Using metallic eye shadow is one of the most convenient ways to show that you have put extra effort into your makeup to stand out, while the truth is that it is rather convenient and easy to do. You can apply metallic shadow all over your lids, blend it out in the crease to enhance the look, and top it up with an eyeliner that complements the colour of the eyeshadow. You can also apply mascara, and the final step is to apply your favourite lip colour; now, you are ready to slay. 

Winged Eyeliner

One of the more popular winter makeup looks is the dramatic winged eyeliner look. While this looks and feels tough to master, a little time and effort will turn you into a complete Pro. Once you master this technique, this will end up becoming your go-to look. This look is more like a statement. Remember to complement the rest of your makeup with the look. Too much of makeup might take the focus off the eyes. Hence, it’s wise to apply a little light makeup to accentuate the eyes. It is one of the prettiest makeup looks and fairly easy to carry too.

Glowy Skin

When your face is all shiny and glowing, you do not need much makeup to look stunning. This is not a makeup look, and it has more to do with preparing your skin before applying makeup. Moisturizing your skin before applying your makeup gives your skin a beautiful sheen. You can apply a BB cream or maybe a concealer, and after filling in your brows and applying lip colour, you are all set to slay the party with your glowing and radiant skin.

The Smokey eye

One of the most trending looks at parties is the Smokey eyes, which make you look stunning and vibrant. The process is a bit tricky, but we have an easier way for you. Start by applying black eyeshadow to your upper lash line and then smudge it using a flat brush. After that, use a neutral brown or grey colour eyeshadow to use it as a transition shade. Apply a little mascara and put on your usual makeup after that, and you’re set!

The Cat-eye

One of the newest buzzes in the market is the cat-eye look which looks classy and is an easy-to-do thing for winter parties. The trick with cat-eye is that the more you press down, the thicker your line is. You can also go dramatic with the look and put in eye shadow and the same colour lip colour to make yourself look like the talk of the party.

These are some of the easy-to-do makeup for winter parties and the festive season. Also, when it comes to makeup, experimentation is key, so get cracking!

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