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7 Effective Habits To Do Your Household Chores Faster and Efficiently

Running a household, regardless of how many people get involved, can get a bit complicated quickly. Doing household chores during our free time will be the last thing on our minds, let alone they are boring. But if you do not stay on the top of your household task list, they will soon pile up and get tough to get done.

There are a few simple changes in your routine that one can apply in their daily routine, involve everyone in your household and stay on top of the important tasks. This way, you can get things done quickly and get some time for yourself. Here are some most habits that will make your household chores faster and more efficient:

Cleaning Schedule

Create a proper cleaning schedule

The first thing you may do to maximize the cleaning time is to create a proper schedule. Organizing your daily or weekly cleaning routine will help you avoid wasting time. For instance, you do not have to clean the bathroom daily. You have to pick this up, but a full-out cleaning can be a weekly or bi-weekly chore. However, some things in the bathroom must be cleaned daily.

Create a 15-minute routine clean-up

You will find it rather simple to achieve your daily cleaning goals by involving everyone in your house. Prioritising according to what needs cleaning first and going from there can help get things done swiftly. Getting your children to clean up after themselves is a great thing to do. This way, you do not waste time sorting things out. Also, making cleaning a fun activity can keep children engaged and imbibe the habit of cleaning the house. You can do complex things like cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, etc., with the help of adult family members.

Cleaning Dishes

Never leave dirty dishes/utensils in the sink

The secret to keeping the kitchen clean is to ensure no dirty dishes are left around in the sink. Also, doing the dishes can get cumbersome if left for later, and considering that most individuals in a household have busy schedules, doing the dishes can become quite the task.

The best way to avoid this is to clean up right after you’re done using the utensil. Also, ensuring that everyone does their dishes after using them can help save time. Also, ensure that the utensils used in cooking food are soaked in warm water with dish-washing soap right after they’ve been used. This way, removing all the leftover food stuck on them becomes easier.

Cleaning Supplies

Gather the right cleaning supplies

It is important to know your cleaning materials & supplies. Each type of cleaning agent or device serves a unique purpose and does not fit every cleaning need. Hence knowing which cleaning agent & device is used for what purpose is paramount. Investing in good quality cleaning supplies can go a long way. Things like good quality cleaning liquids, toilet cleaners, microfibre cleaning cloth, etc., are must-haves. 

Planning and execution of the household chores

Cleaning the entire house by yourself can be an arduous task. Hence, finding help from within the household members or hiring help can aid in getting things done quicker. No one knows the cleaning ritual/need better than you. Hence, taking it on yourself to train your staff or household members and delegating certain tasks to them can go a long way. Supervise the work a few times to ensure it is done the right way. This way, you can get things done more efficiently without being overworked.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum & dust regularly

If you live in an arid city where the soil is loose or in a city with a lot of construction happening, you’re no stranger to the fact that there is a lot of dust in the air. Dusting daily can ensure that your home stays dust-free. Also, investing in a robot vacuum can ensure that your home’s floor remains dust-free. Also, make it a habit to vacuum the hidden corners/spaces & fabric/upholstery, like behind the sofa/sideboard, corner of the walls, etc., of your home once a week. This way, you can be sure that your home remains free from dust and grime.

Hire Professional Cleaners

While we have established that having a cleaning schedule and routine can ensure a clean home, deep cleaning everything is an impossible task with our busy schedules. Hiring professional deep cleaning services & deep cleaning experts once every few months is a must. Professional deep cleaners know exactly what needs to be done to keep the house bacteria-free and germ-free. Today, booking cleaning services is as easy as going online and scheduling an appointment. 

Final Words

While cleaning is a mundane task, it is one of the most important things to ensure the good health of your household members and you. The tips & tricks mentioned above can help you ensure that your home stays clean and healthy without getting you stressed out about cleaning. Now that you know exactly what needs to be done get cracking and put these to the test. 

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