Terms & Conditions

To use Myla's services, you must first accept the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms of Service. The Agreement's terms and conditions are incorporated herein by reference and shall be treated to be a part of this “Terms of Service”.

Once the service request is placed, the same shall be reviewed and approved by Myla. The Service may vary from place to place and person to person and is dependent on the availability of local vendors and service providers. Myla is not liable for any delay/non-delivery/non-performance of the service by the Service Provider/Vendor or due to an event, including (but not limited to), flood, fire, wars, emergency, terrorism, insurgency, riots, blockades, and lockouts. Documentation service can be availed of by You and/or your Beneficiaries. There are certain laws that require the person deposing before the appropriate authority should appear in person before him and should put his signature in the register meant for it under the applicable statute.

In view of this fact, the assistance provided by Myla shall be limited to delivery of only those services which do not require Your/Beneficiary's personal presence before such authority is required. Myla in no way shall be liable and responsible for any deficiency in service whatsoever on the part of the vendor/service provider. In case of deficiency of any service, you are free to proceed legally against the service provider and shall not hold Myla or its directors /officials/employees / agent / representatives/assignees responsible in any manner whatsoever. Myla reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders at any time, including but not limited to orders that contain incorrect prices or product descriptions.

The Services
(a) The Company provides technology-based services for offering home solutions such as repairing/servicing home equipment to you, and you agree to use third-party technicians / Service Providers / Private Repair Professionals to perform these services ("the Service Provider"). The "Service" refers to all of the services offered by the Company to you as a result of your use of the Company's website registration.

(b) The Company will transmit the full Booking request to the appropriate repair professional/service provider as instructed by the client. The Service Provider will be provided based on availability and will be communicated to the customer through the company's internal mechanism procedure. However, it is clarified that if the Service Provider is available, the Company will share the communication details of the Service Provider and Customer for the ease of both parties to perform or exercise their rights and obligations.

(c) If the Service Provider approves your booking request with the Company, your information, including your name, contact number, and so on, is transferred to the Service Provider.

(d) The Company will make reasonable efforts to connect you with the Service Provider so that the requested service can be provided, subject to the Service Provider's availability in or near your location at the time of your booking request to the Company.

(e) The service time mentioned at the time of ordering is simply an estimate and is subject to change. The services will be delivered to the address that you specified when placing your order. If the service is provided by the Company, a vendor, or a third-party delivery service provider that Myla Services has allocated, Myla Services shall use reasonable care to ensure that it is delivered on time. In either instance, Myla Services has no responsibility for late service.

(g) You will treat any Service provider you are introduced to through us with respect and will not harm them or engage in any unlawful, threatening, harassing, or abusive conduct or activities while using their service.

(h) Before handing over the products to be repaired, the customer should be cautious and confirm the credibility of the Service Provider, as any defect in Service or theft/damage to the asset; spare parts; accessories; or products will not be compensated by the Company in any way, and it is clarified that the Company will not be liable in any way if any such harm/damage/loss is caused to the Service Provider as a result of any such travesty. You must guarantee that at the time of service, all essential arrangements, including access, are in place to provide the service. 

(i) Myla is not responsible for any loss, cost, or expense incurred as a consequence of a failure to provide proper access or service arrangements; to provide services in the location specified by you in your purchase; to deliver within the timeframe specified in your order; to notify you if they anticipate being unable to achieve the predicted service timeframe.

(J) Myla Services, its vendors, and its service partners are not responsible for any losses, liabilities, fees, damages, charges, or expenditures incurred as a result of late delivery.

You acknowledge and agree that Myla, vendors, or service partners may be unable to provide services to some areas. In such circumstances, Myla will notify you and arrange for the order or service to be canceled and delivered to a different location.

Use of the Myla services

Through our chosen and trusted partners, Myla delivers doorstep services and goods to our loyal consumers. Through our in-house digital and technological platform, we provide easy access to all of our services and products.

Eligibility and Accessibility

Individuals who are at least 18 years old and may establish legally binding transactions under relevant law are permitted to use the Website. You represent, recognize, and agree that you are at least 18 years old, legally competent of entering into a legal contract and that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms freely.

To gain access to your account, you will be given a user id and password. You must keep your password private and not reveal it to anyone else. Whether or not you allowed it, you are responsible for every activity on your account. However, please notify us promptly if you become aware of any illegal use of your account or your user id and password.

Rules of conduct

The Myla Services App and/or Website, as well as phone calls, will allow the user to buy or schedule services online. You recognize and accept that you are solely responsible for all services ordered through the Myla Services App, Website, or phone calls. When utilizing Myla Services, the User must exercise caution.

The Myla Services may only be used for the non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, and restricted personal use of the User.

Wherever applicable, the User's use of the Myla Services is subject to all applicable local, state, and national laws and regulations. User shall have no right to copy, edit, alter, amend, reverse engineer, decompile, reverse translate, disassemble, publish, disclose, display, or make accessible, unless as expressly authorized in the Terms.


You agree that any contract for a service requested through the Myla Services App, Website, or phone calls is between "You" and "Myla Services," and any contract for the provision of Myla Services through the Myla Services App and/or Website is between "You" and "Myla Services." You undertake to use reasonable caution while supplying Myla Services with your personal information, and you represent that the information you provide is correct and full at the time you place an order for service. Myla Services and/or Services purchased/availed via the Myla Services App and/or Website are designed for your personal use only, and when using the Myla Services, "You" are acting only as an end customer and not as an agent for another party.

You accept that, unless otherwise stated, some types of services may be suited only for Users within specific age and gender groups. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the service you are buying is appropriate for the intended recipient.

You understand that if the requested service is within Myla Services' or its connected suppliers' capability, Myla Services will accept and confirm the contract with you. If the order's data are valid, the contract for the service will be verified to the User through text message (SMS) and/or other means.

If Myla Services' service is ordered, Myla Services will confirm availability alongside or independently from the service.

The delivery details, including the estimated service time indicated by Myla Services, will be included in the confirmation message.

Myla Services will notify you through text message (SMS), phone call, and/or other means if service is unavailable for any reason. You accept and agree that Myla Services may not be able to reach and/or communicate with you about the non-availability of the planned service due to unforeseen occurrences or Clause events.

Prices And Payment

All prices for services displayed on the Myla Services App and/or Website are accurate at the time of publishing and are obtained from suppliers when applicable. While Myla Services makes every effort to keep them current,

If the customer refuses to allow the technician to perform the work after the visit, a visit charge will be applied to each order. It implies that if the technician arrives at the customer's location and the customer refuses to accept the solution, the customer must pay the minimum visiting fee, which is listed in the pricing list for each service category.

You will pay the Service provider introduced to you by us in full for any services delivered to you by such Service provider. You must pay the Service Provider the minimum charges or Repair charges, as well as the prices of replacement parts (whichever is higher), if any are installed or replaced/substituted in the goods, and the minimum service charges rates may be found on the Company's website.

The Service prices may be revised or amended at any moment, and it is your duty to stay up to date on the current minimum rates for the services. Before beginning the Service, you should confirm the service price for the repair of the items with the Service provider. You agree to pay for all services you get from the Service Provider in cash, check online payment, or any other payment method the firm introduces.

Any payment made will not be refunded. The final price paid to you by Myla or the vendor after the completion of the Service may change at the time of delivery depending on the most recent menu and prices. Myla retains the right to change the menu of services accessible for use on the Myla App and/or Website, as well as to delete or remove them as necessary.

All pricing stated on the Myla App and/or Website for services provided by Myla or its affiliated vendors represent the price charged by Myla, the vendor, or their service partner at the time of listing. If the vendor or service partner tells Myla immediately after the User places an order for a service that the price has changed, Myla will make every attempt to advise the User of the price difference, and the User can choose to opt out of the order at that time.

Order Cancellation and Refund Policy

You shall not be entitled to cancel any services requested once the performance has already begun on your instruction for the same. If you cancel the request after it has been confirmed, we will have the right to charge you a cancellation fee depending on the order value. We will also have the right to charge you a cancellation fee for the orders cancelled by the company.

If you wish to cancel your request, you must notify to the supplier or company as soon as possible. The customer who repeatedly cancels the request may be subjected to charge a cancellation fee depending on the type of service.

If an order is cancelled, the fund paid will be refunded to you within 24-48 business hours after the cancellation request. It may take 4-5 additional working business days for the amount to reflect in your account.

Myla reserves the sole right to cancel your order in case of failure to contact you at the time of confirming the order booking, or lack of information from you and you shall be entitled to a refund in accordance with our refund policy.

The amount paid will be refunded to you only if you prepay for your requested service at the time of booking on the platform and in the event of failure to contact you at the time of order booking confirmation.


Myla takes customer complaints extremely seriously and strives to react within 5 business days. Please send all concerns to info@myla.in.

You must not use Myla if you do not accept and agree to these conditions.

Please contact us at +(91) 7318 7318 00 if you have any queries regarding the terms and conditions.

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